Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rockabilly 1950's Style Red Cotton Swing Dress- unique vintage

Rockabilly 1950's Style  Red Cotton Swing Dress - XS to 2X hi, my name is Shannon and I'm addicted to unique vintage. but i really cant help myself, their stuff is just too cute. i mean look at this dress, its just adorable. i just love the way this dress is structured and the colours. Unique Vintage do some of the cutest things ever. i just love their stuff. it may be vintage but the stuff is timeless. this dress is unfortunately $100. which is a real bummer 'cause i really really really want it! =(

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xox, Shannon

eQUIP bracelet

hey guys! i found the cutest bracelet on the eQUIP site today.its just your average charm bracelet, but that doesn't stop it from dead cute (ha ha). i really like this because its basic, cute and you can always add other charms to it. this bracelet is currently on sale for $5 nz. i know i want one =) (hint hint mum)

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xox, Shannon

my friends- teen trends

hey guys! i decided i would write about my friends styles today, because all my friends have very unique styles. my friend Lizzy has i kind of punky style... here is a pic...
then my friend mikki has quite a different style. she likes to go for a cute and casual outfit. something that's comfortable and fits her shape. here is a pic of her...
then there is my friend Niki, i think she has a really cute style, she always has really cute tees and things that fit her figure. she is a true fashion icon =) here is her pic...
(sorry about the size, still trying to learn how to use photo shop a ha =)...)

and then there's me, i like to say i have an emo goth punk kind of style but somethimes people say different. so here is me....

thanks for reading guys, i would love for you to comment about your style =)

xox, Shannon

a bit about me

hey guys! i just realized something... you don't know anything about me. so i thought i would introduce myself.
name: Shannon
age: 14
birth place
: Auckland New Zealand
music: punk, rock, heavy metal and goth metal.... basically anything heavy.
style: emo, punk ,goth.

hometown: Auckland
height: um... short.
hair colour: dark brown
eye colour: blue Grey
favorite colours: red, purple and black
best feature: eyes

if there is anything else you wanna know, just ask.

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type tees- my favorite tee shirt site... EVER!!

this site has many funny t-shirts that are guaranteed to make you laugh (ha ha). I am constantly checking this site to see if there are any new tees up ,because I just love their stuff. their collection includes...
if you want to see more visit Type Tees. their price normally range from $9- $15 American.
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xox, Shannon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

cute gothic dress from Hell Bunny...

hey guys! i found this cute as dress when i was browsing, so i thought i might mention it in my blog! i found this dress on Kates Clothing. it is called hell bunny black satin under Bust Corset with Full Back. i think this dress is very cute and would look awesome with some black knee high boots! this would be sooo cool for parties... and would look great on halloween if you were to go as a vampire. this dress reminds me alot of the adams family movie! =) this dress is currently £32.29. =)

thanks for reading!

xox, Shannon

Friday, June 19, 2009

the cutest dress from unique red&gold sassy sequin & tulle prom dress

hey guys! yay! this is my second post... ha ha... well anyways i found the cutest dress on this site my mum showed me! this dress would be perfect for a prom or party, espescially dress up parties... if you were going as a pixie... i really like the shape and colour of this dress and i think it is just amazing. i think that this dress could look good on almost everyone, and would go with almost any accesories and shoes. this dress is currently on sale for $88.00 which isnt too bad for a dress this cool! if you would like to purchase this dress or look at all the other cute outfits go to Unique Vintage.

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xox, shannon

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my new favorite shoes! Jeffrey Campbell Mel

hey guys! this is my first ever blog poat! YAY!
so when I was on youtube I was watching the music video for Kelly Clarksons new song -I do not hook up- and I saw her shoes and I thought they were just amazing! so I went on to google and tried to find them, and so I found the site and heres some stuff it said. "for a look that's distinctly punk-meets-princess." unfortunatly they are not cheap. they are $164.95 american (i think), these shoes are limited edition so if you want them and can afford them you better get in quick!

thanks for reading! dont forget to tell everyone you know about my blog!

xox, Shannon