Sunday, July 26, 2009

my fashion do's and don'ts

hey guys! I'm really bored today! so I'm going to write lots of posts to keep me occupied he he. one thing that really annoys me, is people who try to fit in with the latest trend, even if it doesn't suit them, at all. why try fit in, when we all stand out. =) so anyways today i will tell you about my do's and don'ts of fashion.

do be yourself
don't buy something just because you saw your fave celeb wearing it.
do wear things that flatter your shape
don't but something coz your friend liked it
do be unique, ignore whats in the latest fashion mag, and wear what you want.
don't try to fit in.
do stand out.
don't stick to one style, try out different things, keep wowing your friends with your awesome outfits :P
do complement people if you like what their wearing. you never know, you might get one back.
dont have you G-string showing over your jeans. eww!
do splurge at the mall, there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy. trust me, it helps.
dont choose a fashion, let it choose you.
do try new things
dont wear shoes with lots and lots of tassles.

i have many more things but seriously, i cant be bothered listing them all. lolz

thanks for reading

xox, Shannon

my new "thing"

hey guys, i have a new thing. now your all probably wondering,"whats a thing?" a thing is something that you become known for, like lady Ga GA and her her accessories, or the lightning bolt she has on the side of her face.
well my thing is a fingerless glove thing, on my left hand ha ha. its awesome :P the one i am currently wearing is bright pink, its really cool. so do you guys have a thing? if you do, leave a comment telling me what it is.

thanks for reading

xox, Shannon

Friday, July 3, 2009

tatty devine boutique- attack of the 50ft jewllery collection- Big Paper Clip Necklace

hey guys! my mum found this totally awesome site and sent me a link to it. and i was seacrhing the collection and i found the attack of the 50ft jewllery collection. the stuff is so awesome. its totally different to what you normaly see. there is also paperclip pendants, bracelets and earings! all so cute. the big paperclip necklace is priced at £69.00 . not cheap. unfortunatly. im so visiting their store when we go to london.

thanks for reading.

xox, Shannon

my awesome sexy top!

hey guys! this is my awesome new singlet my mum bought me from farmers. best of all it was only $10. EEEEEEEP! thats so awesomw aye!!! ha ha.i love this singlet because 1. its red my favourite colour 2. its got awesome parterns on the front 3. it make me look skinny. 4 it gives me shape 5. its kinda like a cute gothic look! =) 6. i just love it full stop (-->.) dont you guys just love it. thank you mum! i love you! =)

thanks for reading

xox, shannon

Thursday, July 2, 2009

cute awesome sexy shoes =P

hey guys! while i was searching the net for some really cute boots a saw in a magizine i can accross these. unfortunatly not what i was looking for. but good enough =) these shoes are adorable! i love them! i want some. unfortunatly i could not find any other info on them, like the name or price.if you want to attemp to find more on them, i searched -lipstik boots- in google images. good luck.

thanks for reading

xox. shannon.