Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Metal Goes Gaga

So it's occurred to me that once more I have failed to keep up with posts, so to make up for it I have decided to do an awesome post on metal bands (or bands of similar genres) that have done Lady Gaga Covers.

Here goes...

Halestorm - Bad Romance

30 Seconds To Mars - Bad Romance

All Time Low - Alejandro

Someday Static - Paparazzi

Outline In Color - Bad romance

Lorren Battle - Paparazzi

Six Seasons - Love Game

Annisokay - Telephone

Helia - Alejandro

Artist Vs Poet - Bad Romance

So I think that's about it.

I only posted the ones I thought were best, but there are THOUSANDS more if you wish to go check them out. Most of them are of Bad Romance though.

Leave my a comment telling me what you think, and if you want me to do something like this again, then add that as well. I do take requests on bands to post about or themes and etc, so let me know. Also, before you say anything, I know the All Time Low cover isn't exactly metal, but it's still cool, so shh. ^__^

Thanks for reading <3

Shannon :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist!


So I have decided every Monday, until Christmas, I will post one thing I want! Sound exciting?

First thing on the list, BORDERLANDS!

So my boyfriend introduced me awhile back, and now I really love it. So I MUST Have it! :D

So I don't know what else to post now. I might just end it here and get on with the nest exciting post!

Thanks for reading guys!

love you all very much!

XoX Shannon

Daily Song!

Hey guys! I have three posts planned for you today! WOOOOO!
First off, Of course, the daily song! The other two are a surprise.

Right... As always, I've not really thought ahead and I haven't chosen a song yet... So I will just flick through iTunes and see what comes up...


Ok, That was easy. Liar Liar (Burn In Hell) by The Used.

I first came across The Used when one of my friends introduced me a few years back, and we spent the whole day sitting in her room and listening to their album on repeat. (It was a super hot day and it was far too hot to even think about doing anything) Now I can't stop listening to them.

The band seems to be completely insane... which is totally awesome! Every good band is off their nut. The seem to portray this insanity in their songs, which makes it just that more awesome.

Well that's this post done, I'll have the other two up soon!

Thanks for reading!

XoX Shannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Having A Rant!

Well hi there,

I am posting another blog about how society is unfair and cruel. You don't have do read if you don't want to. But I might have some music at the bottom relating to it, so you might want to.

I am so sick of how society instills this image of perfection onto us. Everywhere you look, there is some beautiful woman who every body wants to be like, or be with. But she's been so heavily made up and photo shopped she shouldn't be clasped as human anymore... And sex... Everywhere there is sex, and not enough is being done to educate about it, and young girls are going out, getting drunk and winding up pregnant, or even dead, and just because their friend said to or because the felt like they'd be left behind by their friends and society if they didn't.And things like smoking and drugs... People don't smoke because one day they woke up and decided they wanted to... They do it because a friend said to, because everyone else was doing it.Celebrities are out there and getting wasted... No one wants to help them, because it makes for good news... And all over the world there a people watching their idols lives fall apart, and people deciding to follow in their foot steps. The media makes this shit look glamorous, but it's not. It's horrible. But it's becoming normal. It's becoming part of daily life. And i can guarantee, each day, you'll hear about drugs, alcohol, suicide or other such things at least once a day. And people are defiantly slacking when it comes to suicide and self harm. "oh, she's cut herself. What an attention whore. She's fucked in the head. Let's tease her". It's either that or people just completely ignore it. I know of parents who's kids have cut, and they've just ignored it, thinking it's just a phase... And they there's the parents who decide it is a good idea to punish their kid for doing that. Taking away the things that make them happy. Punishing the kid for punishing them self. Not enough people understand. Practically no one makes and effort to try and understand.That's another thing I wish they would educate more about. Mental disorders and things like that. People are so intolerant to people with disorders and illnesses. We're not aliens. We're human too. But because every one has been so slack, people don't seem to understand that. I've heard people say that there, no such thing as depression... It's just a state of mind or the person over reacting. I know of people who have opened up to someone and told them they had depression and the person has just told them to get over it. Intolerant animals! Not only this, but people are so stereotypical and racist. Again, it's a not understanding thing. If you were part of a sub culture, like goth or geek or something, people will come up with all these stereotypical theories, like all goths hate living and want to die, and every geek is a virgin who lives in his mums basement. And it's the same with race. All Irish are crazy drunks, everyone from Scotland wears kilts and plays bag pipes, all Italians like pizza, all Americans are either obese or anorexic. Some one's skin is darker that yours, so they must be inferior to you. OK, so some of this may be true for certain people, but not for entire races. You may meet a fat American, someone from Scotland who plays bagpipes, someone from Mexico who LOVES tacos. But not everyone from that race will be the same and there is no need to generalise. Where someone is from or the colour of there skin IS NOT means to judge someone by. And then there is sexism. Oh my god people, we're all human, and sure generally speaking, men may be stronger, and women better cooks, But I've had some pretty weak boy friends and met some men who are far better cooks than many women I have known. We are all human, and we all have different strengths. Women are not inferior to men because of their sex, if a certain woman was inferior to a certain man, it would not be because one has a penis and one doesn't. It would be because of other things completely unrelated to gender. The man might be really kind and generous and supports lots of different charities, and the woman might be some horrible mas murderer who kills Innocent ponies just because she can. Nothing to do with gender. And to all of you out there who think someone who is feminist thinks that all men are inferior and women are far better, please actually do some research into it. Feminism is a fight for gender equality. Humans are so not the superior species. We are far from it.

Well I think that's all I have to say for now. Sorry if anything I have said has offended you in anyway, or if you think my use of words was inappropriate. This is all just my opinion and if you disagree, that is fair, you are allowed. And please, keep the comments section looking nice.

Now some music and stuff that relates to this stuff :)

Ok that's all I can think of for now.

Thank you all so much for reading.
XoX, Shannon <3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daily song!

So it's been awhile once more. Sorry.

Before I Begin, I would like to make a little announcement!

I dropped out of school!!
Now some of you are probably thinking "Why did you do that! You'll never achieve anything if you drop out of high school, you'll never get a job" And blah blah blah. Well let me explain...

As I had been away for about a month in term three with a badly sprained ankle and Giardia I had missed a lot of important work, especially seeing as we were coming up to end of year exams, and because my attendance hadn't exactly been up to scratch prior to that, I was very far behind. Teachers were putting a lot of stress on me to catch up and I couldn't really handle all of it. Not only was this making life difficult, but I had also been diagnosed with depression a few weeks earlier. Reasonably severe, I believe it was. Also, a month or so earlier I had been accepted into MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand) which was super exciting, so I wasn't going to be returning to school next year anyway. So one morning I woke up and explained to mum that I want to drop out. We agreed eventually that if I was going to, while I was home I was going to help out around the house and get as many more credits as I could by doing correspondence courses. So yeah, that's about it. It also means I can blog a lot more :D

So onto the daily song...

Today I have chosen for you... Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles

I really like this song, which a lot of people find surprising. Is I 16 year old goth girl not allowed to like the Beatles or something? I first cam across this song in music, when the teacher split us up into groups and gave us each the same song, which was this one. I didn't like it at first, but it's grown on me now.

I will hopefully have more up later, and I will eventually get you a weekly band.

Thanks for reading guys
XoX Shannon <3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily song!

Hey hey hey!
Sorry I've not posted in a while, I've been terribly ill will a stupid virus thing *curses under breath* I'll try get a few extra things up today to make it up to you.

So I've started writing this with no idea what my daily song is going to be, so I'm going to go onto my iTunes and press next a few times and see what comes up....


Alright, we have a winner! Open Sky by The Distillers!

I really love The Distillers, and Brody Dale is a bloody legend in my books. I might have to make them my weekly band so I can go on some more about how awesome they are!
We'll see...

I actually discovered The Distillers playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (how cool am I?) but I never listened to anymore of their stuff until aimlessly flicking through videos on youtube, and then talking to a friend about them, who then let me borrow their three albums.

I think I will stop there before I start rambling on about nothing.

I will have to awesome things up for you later today, including a weekly band.

Thank you for reading
XoX Shannon

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily song! ( I think he might kill me for this D:)

Hey guys!
Today's song could possibly get me killed... But it's too amazing not to post up.
It's a cover of Sum 41's Fat Lip, by my boyfriend and his band. this is why I may be killed :P
You guys all have to comment and say how amazing it is, because he thinks it sucks, but they're all amazing :)

So yep... There's three of them, and they're in a band....

How about I introduce them properly? Ok? Yep...

The super sexy one on guitar is my boyfriend, Suhail, the other two not-so-sexy ones don't really matter.
I'm only kidding, the guy singing is Cody, and the guy on drums is Peter.

They're awesome right?

Thanks for reading!
Don't forget to post all your wonderful and lovely comments about the sexiness of the band :P
XoX Shannon

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily song!

So it's been awhile since I last posted a daily song. I've been busy (>.>). Well here's today's song!

And that would be....The Lovecats by The Cure!

My current favourite. I'm obsessed with The Cure at the moment, they're amazing! They have a hot lead singer and awesome bass-lines, what more could you ask for?

So I've decided, rather than doing the daily song and having a lot of background on the band, I'm going to just write a little bit of my opinion on the song, and will also post a weekly band, which will be a band I am really into at the time, and think you guys should check out, and that will have information on the band. I will also have other cool things for you guys to read, watch, listen to, and play with! So enjoy it! :)

Thanks for reading
Shannon XoX

Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm excited ^__^ I'm in a music video!!!
omfgomgwtflollmfao -incomprehensible gibberish-
Kay... I'm done.
WATCH IT!!!!!!!!! :D

You can see my legs at 0:39 :D hehe
I ish le happeh

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Announcement! (ooooh, excitement)

Oh hai thar!
So it's been a while (oops) Sorry about that. But I'm back! For now anyway. I've been caught up with school work and stuff and haven't really had time to come on (speaking of which... I should be doing homework now... Ahh, I'll get to it soon) Well I have a very important announcement to make today *shocked face* And that is!....
This blog..... Will no longer be.....
Fashion and music!
Instead I have decided to just write about music, as that is where my real passion is.

Yeah... That was it....
Sorry if you liked my fashion posts.... Here's something cool to cheer you up! ^__^ (If it works)

Well thanks for reading and sticking with me!
Much loves xx
Shannon <3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Daily Song

Hey guys!
I has a song for yoou!
I've had this song stuck in my head most of the day, so I though "why not post it?" Plus, it has an awesome video, so it's doubley awesome :P

Here it is!

So I've done a really big long post today already... I think I'll just post the song today, sorry if I have disappointed, but I'm lazy, so get over it :P

Thanks for reading.
Love you guys :D
XoX Shannon <3

~Twitter Requested!~ What an interesting start to the day.. o.o

Hey hey hey!
So I had a very interesting series of tweets this morning, and people have requested that I blog about it. I will post my tweets and peoples replies at the end.

So here goes :D

After sleeping most of yesterday, I didn't get to sleep till late last night, but when I got there eventually. I had woken up earlyish, just as my dad came in to wake me up, he had knocked on the door like he always days before coming in, but when he tried to come in the door wouldn't open, so he told me to try it from my side... This didn't work, we spent ages trying to open it. We tried banging on it, forcing the handle down, even eftpos cards, but nothing worked, so my someone suggested unscrewing the handle, but the screws were on my side of the door. So dad went outside and knocked on my window, first he knocked on the one near my bunks, I pulled the curtain back and he told me to unlock it, and being the dark-dwelling goth girl that I am, I had never actually opened my curtains, so I'd never seen the windows, therefore I had no idea how to open them, so dad pointed to a latch in about the middle of the window, I went to reach up, but because my beds were bunks, and the fact that I don't have double jointed elbows, I couldn't reach, so dad went round to the other window. I opened one window and he passed in his tools, I wasn't going to attempt to fix it, I'd just break it more. So dad tried to pull himself up, but the window was too thin and there was a bar in the way, this was preventing the window from opening too far. I opened the second window so there was more room, but dad still couldn't get in. He disappeared for around a minute then came back with a big blue chilly bin and placed it in front of the window. He then stood on it and tried to pull himself up, but the bars with still in the way, so he asked me to pass him his tools, and he tried to dismantle my window. Unfortunately this could not be done, and dad decided that he needed something more to stand on, he told this to my brother and grandparents who went round the back of the house and came back with a milk crate, with the stood up on top of the chilly bin. Granda then held the them both steady as dad tried to climb in, he got stuck twice before making his way in. Once he had gotten in he turned to me and said "Now, you don't need to do anything, like need to pee, do you?" I nodded. I decided to climb out the window, if I didn't I might have popped, this, would not be good. I stood on my little bed side table thing and looked down at the very unsteady looking milk crate and chilly bin, I decided it would be safer to jump. So I slowly climbed out, I turned my self around and tried to get a steady footing so I could climb down the wall, but because it had been wet, and I had bare feet, this was practically impossible, so I ended up clumsily sliding down the wall in the least elegant way possible... Slightly embarrassing, just hope the neighbors didn't see it. I banged my knees a few times, bent my toe the wrong way, smacked my elbow, and hurt my wrist, but other than that, I made it down ok... >.> I then walked through the house and too the bathroom while everyone tried to fix my door. I came back to find that they had removed the door knob, but the door still refused to budge, we tried to push it open, and fiddled with the bits inside the lock, but nothing worked, so we tried to take the pins out, this is when I ditched for a bit and watched videos on youtube with my brother. I want back to see everyone crowding around the door, each trying to pry it open. Turns out The door frame was too tight and the door would not move. I then went away again and stared aimlessly into the fridge to try and find something to eat... There was nothing to my liking though. I then walked back up the hall to see my dad with the door in his arms, he began to push it back into place and put the pins back, I walked back down to the lounge and watched more videos with Owen. Dad then came down and told me that the door was back on but I had no knob. I went up to my room to get changed. I looked worriedly through the gapping hole in my door. I picked up a plastic bag off the floor and shoved it through the hole and got dressed.

Well, yeah, that's what happened, here are the tweets I posted :D

I'm currently locked in my room. Dad is dismantling my windows to try and get in to fix the door. Fml. XD
So i've just climbed out my window, i know have some bruises on my legs and arms, but atleast i know how to get out in a fire. O.o
I have the worst luck with doors, this is the third house in a row that i've been locked in xD
So they've taken all the pin thingies out, turns out the door frame is too tight, and the can't push the door out. I just want my clothes ...
Shannon Russell
WOO! the door is now off! Now i can get changed! Wait... I have no door D:

And here's what other people said:

Apparently 15YO's bedroom door at her dad's jammed and she had to climb out her window. So now she knows how to escape in a fire.
ROFLMFAO, she's just texted to say that now her dad is locked in her room. I am peeing myself laughing here! :D
@ LMAO that happened to me at my inlaws OMG in the BATHROOM
@ It keeps happening to 15YO. That girl is slapstick comedy in boots, I swear!
@ LOL she should blog her mishaps.
@ She does have her own blog, she should totally document this stuff on it!
@ So @ says you need to blog your mishaps!
@ @ i was thinking of doing that :p
@ @ LOL
It's better than having to climb out the window! -->RT @: WOO! the door is now off! Now i can get changed! Wait... I have no door D:

And a final one from me with replies from mother

Ok, i now have my door back... But no knob... I'm going to get changed now, and hopefully not get locked in again. XD
@ You don't have a knob? *snigger* That's because you're a girl. :P

So that's about it... Try not to laugh too hard
Write later
XoX Shannon

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Daily Song!

Hey there,
Time for my daily song, and for some weird reason I feel like posting in french... Odd. Anyway, moving on! I felt the need to post this song after I went to a concert where the band did a terrible cover of it (sound harsh doesn't it?) other than that, the band was quite good.

So the song today is The Final Episode (Let's Change The Channel) by Asking Alexandria. I may have already posted this song, or something else from them, and apologize if I have, but I really like this song, and the video is really awesome too, couldn't tell you why though, I just like it.

Anyway, here's the video, will have some facts bellow if you wish to read them :)

So I might try something different today, I will still post general information about the band, but I'm going to try include some weird and random facts you may not know about them. This should be fun! :D Here goes nothing...

Asking Alexandria are a metalcore band from England, they were formed in 2008. The band is currently made up of Danny Worsnop on vocals and keyboard ( I have to put a picture in, because he's too darn hot!)
Nommy isn't he :)

Sam Bettley on bass ( I have to add pictures of the rest of the band now, it'll be unfair if I don't :P)
Okay, he's kind of cute too :P

Ben Bruce, who Plays lead guitar, does the programming AND backing vocals D:

James Cassells on drums

And last but not least, Cameron Liddell on rhythm guitar
Does anyone else expect him to make a chewbacca noise, or is it just me?
Also, When I did an image search for him, this picture came up:
Can you say, HUH?!

Now time for some random/unusual facts.

The have some of the strangest song names. For example:
1)If You Can't Ride Two Horses at Once, You Should Get Out of the Circus
2) I Used To Have A Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me An STD)
3) I Was Once, Possibly, Perhaps A Cowboy King

Interesting huh :P

There was a rumour that The band and Chelsea Grin raped a girl in the back of a bus! D: This is not true, it is just a silly rumour someone made up.

He's a video you can watch it you want to get to know more about the band

Thanks for reading, Hope you have a great day.
Shannon XoX :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Daily Song

Hey guys,
So I haven't been too good at keeping up with the daily post thing, but I'm getting better. I did have things I wanted to post, but then my laptop died, and then I was busy and blah blah blah various other excuses :D.

So today's song is from a very... Interesting band, called Betty Blowtorch (awesome name right?)

So this song is called 'I Wish You'd Die' Which is a very lovely song title if you ask me. That was sarcasm by the way. It was one of the more suitable of their songs to put up... The others a kind of... Filthy.

So here's the video ( the audio is a bit funny at the start, but it evens out later on) While you are listening, you can read some information on them.

Betty Blowtorch was formed in 1998 in Southern California. They were an all girl hard rock band. Members of the band came and left, but the ending of the group was marked by The lead singer and bassists death. In December 2001 Bianca Halstead was driving through New Orleans, when she crashed, and tragically died. *tear*

If you would like to read more here's the link to the wikipedia page

Well, thank you for reading.
I hope to have more posts up later.
Love you all :)
Shannon XoX

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Daily Song

Hey there! Told you I'd try, now let's see if I can keep this up :P

Today's song is a little different to what you may normally see here, and some of you may be surprised, but I really like this song.
And it is.... (oooh suspense!)
Born This Way (country road version) by Lady Gaga. So what, it's cool!
And here it is!

I'm sure I don't need to tell you guys about Lady Gaga, she seems to be pretty big. (:P)

I'll post more later. Pinky swear :)
Love you guys ::D (alien face ::D)
Thanks for reading
Shannon XoX

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Daily Song(s)

Hey there!
I know, I know, it's been forever, I've had so many assessments and things to do... But it is the holidays now, so I promise I will have more stuff up, honest :D

So today I just thought I'd share something with you...
One of my favourite bands did a cover of The Cures 'Love Song' and I found sooooo many covers of it, as well as the original. So here's some of them.

The original:

Cover one - Jack off Jill:

Cover two - Good Charlotte:

Cover three - A Perfect Circle:

Cover four - Anberlin:

There are so many more, but I think you can go look them up yourself if you want to hear them.

Thanks for reading guys, I will try to have more up later.
XoX Shannon

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daily Song! :)

Wow, it has been far too long. I really need to keep up with this and stuff, but I have had assessments to do and not much time for blogging. Stupid NCEA.
So today my song is from a band that I seem to post about a lot, but this one is special, because they just released there album 'Little Mind Games' for those of you who don't know, this band is IvyLies!
Yes, I know, I'm posting about them... AGAIN! Promise I'll introduce you guys to some new stuff later, and I will have more posts about fashion too. :)
Well anyway, todays song is 'I Lie Awake.' :)

While you watch/listen this to this how about you check out the bands myspace and maybe buy the album? <3 Links below.
iTunes (you can buy the album here)
Mightyape (you can also buy it here)

Thanks for reading xox
Love you, will have more up later <3