Saturday, February 27, 2010

My daily song :DDDD

Heyyaa!! I has a songiess for you :D Is in a good mood today if you haven't guessed. For tome this year we haven't have any homework :DDD So yeah anyway song.... Today you will be listening (if you press play) to White Wedding by Billy Idol :D This song is one of my all time favourites and is my latest obsession :D

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, as I said first time this year I haven't had homework. So this weekend if I'm not busy I'll post a bit :D

I feel like playing a game. Lets play a game. I have a game. It is theee song game. Someone has to say a song and then the next person has to guess the band, if you manage to get the song you post the name of the band and the nest song in the comments section. For example

Me: Song: Believe

Person 1: Band: Breaking Benjamen
Song: 100%

Person 2: Band: angelspit

And so forth

So I will start by mentioning the first song, and that is: ..... Best of you.

Hope you enjoy. will post soon :D

And will have pics of new phone up :D

XoX Shannon :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily song

HEY!! I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm trying to get back into the blogging habbit! I have a life you know.... wait who am I kidding.... no I don't!! My sims do though.... I really need a life. Any way! Daily song.... wait lemme just think of one.... hmmm..... OH I know!! My fave song of the moment Master by Lamort. My best friend is in the band and he is super awesome :D ILY Reuben :P

(Reubens the one on keyboard, he's awesome huh)

Well anyway that is me for now.... will have more later

Right now, I'm off to play sims.... I NEED A LIFE!!

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon :DD

Saturday, February 13, 2010

100 (and 1) posts :D

woooooot!!!! My last post was my 100th post :D just thought was was exciting!!!! so to celebrate... I'm going to post some of my fave items from my last posts!!! :D But first.... The daily song :D

You all remember my post "dress to be different" don't you.... well thats one of my faves :DD

Heres some more :D



My new fave shoes! Jeffery Cambel Mel!!!! My very first post!! :D

Then of course I have to mention my sexy ass friends in "my friends - teen trends "

My fashion do's and don'ts

OMG! I'm an invader zim geek!!!

Something every girl needs

and you can't forget My weird dream

I think I might stop there or I might have my 100 fave posts.... what the point of that :S

XoX!!! thanks for reading and thanks for staying with me this long ::DD


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

!0 stupid things I've done lately

10: fallen off my chair
9: forgot to turn amp on and was wondering why there was no sound
8: dropped a chair on my foot
7: banged heads with like everyone
6: walked into walls
5: mad my Boyfriend look like a gay pirate
4: Forgot how to speak
3: Walked into the fan
2: Got my finger stuck in the fan
1: volunteered to do extra homework

XoX Shannon

..... Feel free to laugh at me

10 things A girl doesn't need

10: A push up bra.
9: A handbag dog
8: long nails
7: to be popular
6: Money. you can go bargain hunting!!! like mee!!
5: To show off/lie about yourself. people should like you for who you are
4: To be tall! I mean look at me... I'm 5ft and living... and I have a 6ft boyfriend... hehe that's funny
3: lots of nail polish.... but that doesn't stop me ;D
2: to fit it. Stand out stand out STAND OUT!!! :D
1: a boyfriend... come on girls. you don't need a man in your life!! You can survive with out a guy!! :D

XoX Shannon

P.s Follow my rules if you wish to live :D

LOL!!! Funny vid From my fave youtuber - Shane Dawson

Heyya! This vid made me giggle, and ther is nothing wrong with a bit of giggling :D Enjoy :D

Enjoyy!!!! :DD

XoX Shannon

My daily song!! Obsessed with angelspit? Why yes I am

Heya guysss!!!!! I has teh daily song foorrr yoooooou!!!! :D

Todat that isss........... *looks for good song* Grind by angelspit! ok yes I am obsessed!!!

Heres a vid done by Dollideath... remember her? well she rocks :D

Thanks for watching!! I'm off to check my stats now

Will post soon
Seeing as I have no life :S

XoX Shannon :D

Ten Things Every Girl Needs

10: A cell phone
9: something for bad hair days
8: a good moisturizer
7: Internet access
6: A favourite accessory
5: an item that means something to them eg. necklace from a friend/boyfriend
4: A hand bag big enough to fit all their crap ;D
3: A favourite pair of shoes
2: Clothes D: Duh!!
1: and this one is the most important.... Friendship :D

XoX Shannon

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

COLLECTIF Red & Black Poodle STELLA DOLL Halter Wiggle Dress

Heyyyaaa!!!! Haven't blogged anything clothingy lately so I had a cool dress for you today :D It's from tatty Devine boutique :D

Cute huh! This dress is $98.00 ouchies :S But I still wants :D

So thanks for reading

Hope you enjoyed!!

XoX Shannon

A tonne of cool songs

Heya, it's been ages!! Sorry about that haha. well anywhooo. Toady I have a whole heaps of cool songs for you :D and A suprise!! Oh and mabye some cool things :D

The first song is one I am currently lerning on bass :D

and that is...
Misguided ghosts by Paramore

I might put up a vid of me playing along singing to it if you like :D

Now we have A la mode a la mort... which translate to In Fashion To Death... Which my friend liz and I thought was quite odd because of their song "Fuck Fashion" I'll but that one up aswell :D

A la mode a la mort :D

Fuck fashion :D

The vids were made by one of my fave youtubers!! Her name is Dollideath, and my next song..... was written by her....

Love you Dollideath :D

Now I have a song by one of my fave artists :D Emilie Autumn :D

Juliet :D

Now for the daily song... Enough music for you yet? ;D

Here it is :D

And heres the suprise... as I promised!!

I'm writing a song!! thats all I can say... the rest is a suprise :D

going out now

will write later

XoX Shannon