Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My daily song!!!!!!! ;D

hey guys! I have my daily song here for you! Isn't just so exciting!!! ;D I love this song!! It has really meaningful lyrics and is in a way... beautiful... Todays song is.... RISE ABOVE THIS! by seether. ;D

Thanks for reading and watching!!

XoX Shannon

Monday, December 28, 2009

My daily song + a fun game

Hey guys! I'm trying to make up for not blogging in a bit :P Well anyways today I have a game for yooousss! but first I have the daily song!! YAY!! today it is *drumroll*......... Fences by Paramore!!

Heres the vid :)

And now for the game!! I'm not sure what its called, but its fun :) Basically what happens is I will start the story off (coz its a story) then you guys will continue in the comments section!! How to play: I will start off the story, then you shall continue but you may only use to sentences and you can not comment twice in a row. so lets play (oh please keep it pg)

many many years ago on a far away planet named Fashonista and on this planet lived a girl who went by the name of Strawberry. Strawberry had little fashion sense and was often pulled over by the fashion police....

Please continue!!

Thanks for reading watching and playing

Post again soon!! :D

XoX Shannon

What I found in my Christamas stocking!

Hey guys, thought I'd try a new thing today! I came up with this yesterday but forgot to do anything about it, so I shall today! Whats going to happen is, I'm going to tell some things I got for Christmas then I'm going to pick 4 stocking off the wall, these will be the stockings of other bloggers, they then have to tell you what they got, and it shall continue on like that. Sound cool?

well here I go :P

For Christmas I got:
A laptop :P
Sims 3
A nail spa treatment thing that smells so Divine!!
A snorkel and mask
Lots and lots of lollies and chocolates
Awesome as clothes!! :)
and I few other thing

So now I pick Allya at Painted Tips
Mum at Pretty Clever
Brittany at Brittaneee's Brilliant Blog
and Lizzy at [OhSoGorgeous]™

thanks for reading!!

XoX Shannon

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dress To Be Different

whoever said you have to fit in to stand out. Well I disagree. The only way to stand out, is to be different! Everyone is different so it's not really that hard! You just have to find your true self and express that in every way possible!! Don't be afraid to show who you really are, and NEVER be afraid to try something you and experiment with different styles. My style is ever changing and I have recently settled down on a goth lolita punky kind of look.
From odd socks to moustaches I am proud of this and I feel comfortable wearing it out, (and I love the odd looks I get by passers by : D) So don't ever be afraid to be yourself and always try new things :)

thanks for reading, I hope I've inspired you all to be yourself :)

XoX Shannon

P.s. Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been busy on sims 3 and my new laptop. Oh and I've lost my life again, I looked in my underwear draw, but its not there. If you have any idea where it could be please tell.


Thursday, December 24, 2009


HEYA!! its Christmas tomorrow!!! eepp!! and seeing as I probably will not be able to get on the computer I shall say this now. To all the readers of my blog, thank you for all the support, I really appreciate everything!! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and get many rad presents. :)

I also have the daily song for you today, I thought it was rather appropriate for the moment!!


Lyrics: We're gonna have a gothic christmas; that is what we'll do
We're gonna have a gothic christmas; hope you'll have one too
Santa's going to wear a black dress just for me and you.
Santa's going to grunt in latin and slay a dragon or two.

Rudolph, he will change his name
'Cause rudolph just sounds pretty lame.
Now we'll call him Ragnagord, the evil reindeer overlord.
His nose it shall be red no more.
It will be blackened to the core.
His eyes will glow an evil glow to guide the chariot through the snow.

We want to wish you a gothic christmas.
We want to wish you a gothic christmas.
We want to wish you a gothic christmas.
We want to wish you a gothic christmas.

We're gonna have a gothic christmas; that is what we'll do.
We're gonna have a gothic christmas; hope you have one too.

We want to wish you a gothic christmas.
We want to wish you a gothic christmas.
We want to wish you a gothic christmas.
Hope you'll have a gothic christmas too.

Thanks for reading, merry christmas!! :D

XoX Shannon

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Daily Song :)

Hell oooo!! how is everyone?? I'm in a good mood today!! :D don't ask why!! Well anyway!! Heres the song for yoooous!!

Hope you enjoy it!! I should be posting more laters!!!

XoX Shannon!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Green day!!! wewt!!

Heya!! heres the videos (if it works)

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

and please excuse the screaming shouting and really bad singing.

XoX Shannon!!

My daily song!!!

heya!! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately!! I've been busy! (ish)!! haha!! Well anywho, todays daily song is brick by boring brick by paramore, who just so happen to be my next concert :P!! So many people want to kill me!! everyone is SUPER jealous of me! well heres the vid!

I'm going to try get some vids of the green day concert up soon, so keep up with the posts! They could pop up anywhere.

Well thanks for reading!!

XoX Shannon

Sunday, December 20, 2009


HEYY!!! I'm like so happy :) Recently went to green day! and OMG! I shall have some pics an vids up for you guys soon! Feel happy! and sorry I haven't posted in a while!! Been a busy bubble!! oOh and your probably wondering about the title! I LOVE BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!! hehe! he was EPIC live! the gig was great, and so funny! the did a cover of highway to hell by AC/DC! and at the start the was a drunk bunnie! It was LOL I might as well mention my song of the day! And just for the hell of it, it's going to be green day! I would put up one of the live vids, but i don't have my phone cable here so I'll do that tomorrow! The song I have chosen today was one of my favourites live! and that is... AMERICAN IDIOT!!!!

Well Enjoy!!!


Thanks for reading!! I'll have the vids up tomorrow!!

XoX Shannon

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey Hey Helloooooo!!! I is back from my holidays! It was pretty good aside from the fact I discovered I have really bad hay fever and I also threw up six times hours before getting on a plane!! yeah not fun :( well anyways I'm sure you didn't come here to here about my life story so I shall get on with it. And sorry I haven't posted in a while, I actually have a life! I found it in my underwear draw! so yeah, lately I have been to a wedding!! which was so cool! I love weddings, can't wait to get married. And the bride looked AMAZING!! It was held at THE most beautiful place ever! and the hotel where we stayed!! truly beautiful. I felt so grand and like rich haha!! We were right on the beautiful beach and I took many photos on my phone! here's a few...

I also got the sunset on the beach :) (and you can see the surfers in some of the pics, Some of the were REALLY cute :P)

And of course we cant forget our awesome as sand castle!
Ok so its not that good. We found an old McDonald's cup and filled it with sand! Twas epic fun :P

I also have a vlog for you guys!! hehe And the daily song. See below..

(Please enter!!)

Unfortunately I can't actually get the video off youtube :( tear! but I can link joo! the song today is Memories, By Within Temptation

Well I hope you guys enjoyed reading! hope it wasn't to long and boring, but if it was then you probably wouldn't be reading this haha..

well anywho thanks for reading!

XoX Shannon!!

P.S. Enter the comp!!! You can by clicking here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

going away!

Hey, yoday I'm writing to say that I will not be posting for a couple of days because I'm going to be down in dunedin (wewt) for a wedding :) so just thought I'd let ya know. And don't worry I'll take planty of pictures yous all :)

ttyl :)

XoX Shannon

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My daily song (dont worry, it's not on gh5)

HEYA!! I has the daily song here !! :o today its -so cold- by Breaking Benjamin!! this song rocks!! I have been listening to these guys for as long as I can remember and half my friends like them. THESE GUYS ROCK!!! well anywho heres the vid for yooouuu. he he that rhymes.

Well thanks for reading and watching

Hope you enjoy

XoX Shannon

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hey!! I vlogged!! omg! See below

And we have others aswell!! OMG!! I also have my daily song! Played on GH5!! (guitar hero 5) and that is No doubt - ex-girlfriend. tis below!!

LOLZ!! enjoy!

If you want the original song HERES a link

Please rate comment and subscribe :P


thanks for reading and watching

XoX Shannon : D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My daily song!

Hey! today my song is Ever dream by Night wish, I chose this song because it is beautiful and meaning full. I have a live video here :) they are AMAZING live. I wish I had the chance to see nightwish live with Tarja. But I can't Tear :'(

Thanks fore reading and watching

Hope you enjoy

XoX Shannon

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Daily.... SONG!!

hey guys! today my song is Hollywood whore by papa roach. These guys are one of my new fave bands. My brain doesn't work to well when I'm sick and because of that I have forgotten everything I was going to say.... So I guess I'll leave you with a vid and write again soooon.

Thanks for reading and watvhing

Hope you enjoy

XoX Shannon

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Angelspit shirts continued... ANNDD my daily song

Hi again! I now have the rest well last top for you guys and that is the Angelspit 2009 USA Tour T-shirt.
As I said in the last post they shirts are all $16! wewt!
Now moving on to the next bit of my post.... which is.... Fuck fashion by... ANGELSPIT! ironically on the back of the last shirt :P

So thanks for reading and watching

Hope you enjoy (and but me a top :P)

XoX Shannon


Hey! OMG! there are angelspit t shirts!! I wants! they have 3 designs out and I really wants!.
Above we have the Channel Hell (Tank)which is currently 20% off!! EEPP. In case you cant read it the backs says
"Tune in
Tune up

And the front says "this is channel hell" It is on sale for $16 eeepage. It is also available in a t-shirt.

Now we have the Alice in Vulgarland Top, It seems all the tops are on sale, each a $16 down from $20. It seems I have run out of room for more photos here so I shall have to continue in a new post. please read on :) Will see ya soon :P

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Daily Song

Heya! Today my song is by one of my fave bands lead singers with another good band, incase that didn't make any sence I shall rephrase it. This song is by one of my favourite bands lead singer Anette Olzon with another really good band PAin, together they have done 2 songs and today I have one of them for you. That song is.... FOLLOW ME!! woot. I changed the vidoe size today 'cause I realised it was quite big. (lolpanda)

Thanks for reading and watching

Hopw you enjoy

XoX Shannon

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Check out what I found!!!! :o

HEY!! Mum recently discovered the COOLEST socks ever. She found them on etsy! Meet the tattoo socks!!

Aren't they cute! they have amny more desinds and they are all adorable. there are many different designs each as cute as the last. these ones are currently $2.80 USD which is actually really good. I take back what I said before about nothing being cheap.

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon

Black Wool Double Breasted Military Collared Coat from unique vintage

Hey Guys! Isn't it cute :P I have one similar to this, but slightly different. I seem to have a thing for the milatry jackets and such now oh and then theres my new found obsession for guns (not actuall guns) and such. This is currently $68.00 (ouch) :( nothings cheap these days :( I've just had massive mind blank or as my english teacher says a writters block, so i might end the post here.

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon

My weird dream!

Hey! In my last post I was saying about sleeping for 15 hours etc, well here's the full story...

well it starts off at school and this guy Mathew comes up to me and says "I wanna cook dodo" and I look at him strangely. "dodos are extinct"
"who cares, I WANNA COOK DODO"
"well have fun with that"
then I walk out of school and down to Dunedin and he appears on the beach and starts talking about how on the boat he only gets to cook dodo eggs but never dodo. then he transforms into Lizzy and shes saying how its not a high class restaurant but it's a good job, but she wishes she could cook dodo. at this point the waves are getting bigger and coming in closer to the shore so we climb the stairs to the car park. then all of a sudden there are massive waves like 10 metres high, and growing and the place starts to flood so Liz and i try to get out of there so we run up to the cafe and try to climb out but for some reason we end up at the bottom again, at the cafe there are all these people sitting and eating while getting drenched my the waves. Liz and I try another way of getting out so we run down a bit and climb down the garden then somehow fly up to the top floor of the car park, then telleport to the ground again, this happens a few times then we decide to try something else so we link arms ( so we don't separate) and run up to the ramp, but we slip and fall over, by this time the water is above our knees and rising still. so we decide to swim up the ramp but we miss the ramp and instead start swimming in the other direction, we then come across another ramp and we swim up there then we get to my old house and Lizzy help me climb in through the window then runs to her Nana's. I sit down at home and do nothing. awhile later I open the front door to see if the flooding stopped and I end up at my dads old place and have to call the dogs inside. then I walk up a hill and Lizzy is there and we continue talking about her job and dodos. then I'm at home and mum asks me where I was and why I didn't stay home so I explained how Lizzy wanted to talk to me about her job and then I woke up wondering where my arms were.

So there you have it, My weird as dream

Have you had any weird dreams lately? Tell me about then either in comments or write a blog about it and leave me a link. You never know I might make a competition out of it :o

Thanks for reading.

XoX Shannon

My Daily Song

Hey guys! Today my song is Remedy by Little boots. Well actually it was supposed to be yesterdays song but I feel asleep in the middle of the post, went to bed and woke up 15 hours later wondering where my arms had gone. (awkward story that one). Will tell you more about that later :P. Anyways back to the song of the day. I choose this song 'cause it's different and really cool AND because the artist is awesome 'cause she has shoes in her name :D. There are on going arguments on YouTube how her music and fashion bares resemblance to that of Lady Gaga. I can see where their coming from but I myself do not agree. So here's a vid for you guys. Tell me in the comments what you think Lady gaga sheep or not.

Thanks for reading and watching

Hope you enjoy, can't wait to see what you think

XoX Shannon