Monday, September 21, 2009

OMG! I'm an invader zim geek

i have a new obsession!!! OMG-ness. Invader Zim, my favourite show in the whole world. for those of you who haven't heard of it here is a quick summary. Zim is an alien from the planet urk. the urken empire have devised a plan to take over the universe by sending out the best warriors on their planet, to other planets throughout the universe. once there they must blend in with the locals, find the planets weakness' and prepare it for the armada.

Zim had been banished to foodcourtia after the first attempt to take over the universe, in which Zim managed to destroy their own planet. When Zim hears about the great assigning he 'quits' being banished and makes he way there.
Because the Almighty Tallest (the leaders/ rulers of the planet) do not want him mucking up again they send him to a 'fake' planet. Earth.

All the chosen warriors are given a SIR (standard-issue retrieval unit) to assist them on their mission. But zim, does not get a SIR. the tallest chuck a few old parts, bouncy ball, nuts bolts and paper clips together and create Gir. a clumsy, stupid, silly and cheeky robot sidekick.

if you would like to know more just ask. i know lots :P. you can also click HERE and watch a bit of it on youtube :P.

thanks for reading

xox, Shannon

Sunday, September 13, 2009

new website :P YAAY

hey guys! I've just set up a new website using, its got fun games and quiz's ans stuff on it, i you wanna have a look, click here. there's still more to do, and i will try update often. i will be posting blogs on there and on here, but they may not be the same so make sure you keep up with both. if you have any requests or recommendations post a comment on this post or on the site :P

Shannon xox