Monday, November 29, 2010

My Daily Song!!

Hey guys, Sorry it's been so long.
Anywho, I have a song for you :):)
My Friend Lizzy (who writes [OhSoGorgeous]™) introduced me to this guy a little while ago, and well, I guess I should tell you who it is.
Ever heard of NeverShoutNever? Well you're about to :)

NeverShoutNever's real name is Christofer Drew Ingle, and never shout never is his stage name. He was born February 11, 1991, which would make him.... *tried to do maths...* 20! (thank you boyfriend) or 19... I don't know! (:. He plays many, many different instruments, which is totally awesome, and they would be vocals, guitar, ukulele, programming, piano, keyboard, percussion, drums, bass guitar, piano, keyboard, percussion,drums, bass guitar. He plays bass, so he's awesome (:
If you would like to know more then here is the wikipedia article and his official site (Isn't he just gorgeous?! (: )

I would also like to say, at the risk of sounding super cheesy, I wanna dedicate this post to my wonderful boy friend, Suhail. I love you my darling :)

Well Thank you for reading my lovelies, please come again soon, I will try to post more later.

Much Loves, Shannon (:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My daily song(s)

Hey there my little lovelies.
Sorry it has been awhile. Today I have something really awesome to show you. :)
My music teacher showed our class this little while ago and it is pretty damn fascinating.

Here's the official site for them.

They're pretty cool huh.

Will have more up later! =D

XoX Shannon

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Daily Song

Hi Again!

I have my daily song here, as promised in an earlier post.
Todays Song is My Cat by Jack Off Jill. That's right, you heard me, A band called Jack Off Jill singing a song called My Cat. Don't worry I didn't believe it at first either, I thought it was another one of my crazy dreams, but no this one is all to real... I think.
Here's the video, so you can listen to the song while you read about the origins of Jack Off Jill. (that sounded cooler than I thought it would)

I don't get the music video either XD.

I'm going to sound so lazy, But I have spent the past few days looking up information and copying it down in my own words, and I really can't bothered doing it again, so instead of that I'll give you a link to the wikipedia article. Sorry guys.

Hope you enjoyed the song!

Thnks for reading.

XoX Shannon

Update Update Update!

Sorry it's been so long. Got so caught up with homework, School and my boyfriend that I forgot to blog. Sorry :( Well anyways... I have a few things to ask and tell. First off, would you guys like me to post some of my photography things? I thought about it the other night and wasn't sure if I should. Comment and tell me if you want me to. Also I have been writing this big paper for english, I was wondering if you guys would like to read it. It's on links between self harm and Body modification and stuff :) Also comment if you would like to see it. And last but not least, my mum suggested that I post a daily outfit. By that she means everyday I post what I;m wearing/the style I'm going for etc etc. Would you want to see that?

Ok, that is all the questions I have to ask for now.

I had a massive freak out the other night, I realised I hadn't told you about my trip to England and all the wonderful places I went! (the horror xD) So I have decided my next post will be all about England and Hong Kong, and I'll post some of my favourite picture. So if you're interested keep checking here and I'll have it up shortly.

I shall have more posts for you guys later today, including my trip to England and my daily song.
Looking forward to writing again.

Thank you for reading!

XoX Shannon :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Daily Song

hey there!

Today my daily song is possibly the best thing to ever hit youtube! And that would be Auto tune the news! Basically the take segments from recent news stories, auto tuning them and putting music with them. It's great :) Today I have chosen turtles :) See below...

Well I hope you enjoyed that :)

If you would like to subscribe to the youtube channel you can click on the video bit and it will take you to the youtube page :)

Much loves

Thank you for reading

XoX Shannon

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Daily Song

Hello There! :) I have a cool song for your guys today :) Today's song is The Thespian by Alesana. (pronounced ˈælɨs ˈænə/ Alice-Anna) is a post-hardcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina.They have 3 full length albums. The band is made up of Dennis Lee – screaming vocals, Shawn Milke – vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, Pat Thompson – lead guitar, Jeremy Bryan – drums, percussion, Shane Crump – bass guitar, vocals Alex Torres - lead guitar.

Alesana are one of my favourite bands right now :) And Shawn is really quite cute. The Thespian is one of my favourite songs, as well as The Murderer and The Lover

For the music video you can click ----> here :)

Hope you enjoy

Thank you for reading

The emptiness will haunt you <3

XoX Shannon

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Youtube Comment of the day!

Hey guys, this is a funny little comment I found on youtube for the song Congratulations, I hate you by alesana, It won't become a daily thing, I just thought it was totally blog worthy. Anyway, heres the comment.

With songs like this where you can't quite make out some of the "screamo" I like to imagine they are confessing their undying love for chocolate pudding. Nice song though......pudding aside.

Epic isn't it xD

Enjoy your day

XoX Shannon

My daily song + funnys

Hey there :)

I have the daily song for you. Today's song is A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta. This band is made up of Danny Worsnop -Lead Vocals,Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizers, Ben Bruce -Rhythm Guitar,Backing Vocals,Programming, Cameron Liddell -Lead Guitar, Sam Bettley - Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion. Asking Alexandria are a metalcore band from York, North Yorkshire, England. If you want any more info on the band here's a link to Wikipedia & Myspace

Now for some funnies :)

Readers, meet asdfmovie :)

And asdfmove 2 :)

well thanks for reading, hope you has a good laugh :)

XoX Shannon


OMG GUYS!! I have a new blog :D. It's about my crazy dreams and such D:. well I'm going to post a link so you can all read then suggest medications for me. Also follow and comment :) Well... here be teh link :)


Also, sorry I haven't posted much lately, I will make an effort to post more.

XoX Shannon

Monday, June 14, 2010

Something Amazing!!

Heyyaaa!! It's been awhile since I last blogged, but I am here now so do not fear helpless readers of this I will come to your rescue. I have two very cool videos for you today. The first is this amazing video I found today. It is a violin cover of the song one! OMFG!! And the second is one of the best bands ever created... I believe I told you about them in an earlier post. Well here are the vids :) enjoy... Sorry about the helpless readers bit... got a bit carried away. XD

Turns out I can't actually get the vid on my blog so there's a like right here *points*

The second is here *points again*

Hope you enjoy!

Apparently the lead singer *Points* looks like the guy from wolf mother lolz!
Love you guys XD

Thanks for reading... and for staying with me and not getting bored with me during that period I didn't write anything.

XoX Shannon, Proud supporter of NZ music since 1995

P.s you can see me and Liz in the crowd at one point

Saturday, May 8, 2010

To my wonderful mother

Hey readers, today's post isn't what you would usually see here but seeing as it is mothers day I would like to say a little something about my mum.
She is the best mother a girl could ask for (you should all be jealous) and she's always there, she's helpful and totally awesome. She's embarrassing but that makes shopping even more fun... not for the people who have to reassemble the displays though. She's lovable and silly and would happily adopt my friends :) she basically has :P she's supportive, funny, understanding and totally bonkers. She loves me, she's more then my mum, she's my best friend. She's always happy to help me and is happy to lend a hug. She's helpful and intelligent (unless it's maths.... or physics she's pretty hopeless at them :) :P) She's a big softy and cries at movies.... which make me feel better seeing as I'm not the only one :P She loves animals and makes funny noises when she sees one.

There is so much more to say about this wonderful women but then we'd be here all day. so I will leave you with a link to her blog and you can she just how wonderful she is.

I love you with all my heart mum. Thank you for everything. YOU ROCK!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Need Your Help!

hey there,
Me and a few friends are starting a band, and we had everything sorted until..... I discovered that our band name "Paranoia" was already taken by 3+ bands D: So today, I would like to hear your suggestions. The music genre's we are going for are, goth metal, industrial, rock and a bit of an individual style. So give me your opinion and if we all like it and all agree on it then we shall consider it :D

The name I have got in mind right now is "hell bound hearts"

Tell me what you think :D

XoX Shannon <3

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My awesome homework

Hey there! I have some totally awesome homework that I am going to share with yoou :D In textiles we have to create/write a fashion magazine for young people, and I'm like "OMG WERE YOU IN MY DREAMS??" because I have always wanted to do this :D So I thought that you guys may be interested to see it, so if possible I will post a copy of each article :D


Thanks for reading :D

XoX Shannon <3

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm getting my hair cut!! :D

Heya, just thought I'd let you know I'm getting a hair cut and it's going to be so cool, I'll post a pic of the cut I'm getting and I'll be sure to post one of me once I has it :D. EEEE I'm so excited :D tell me what you think

XoX Shannon <3<3

Monday, April 12, 2010

My daily song - Never enough - IvyLies

Hi there, Today I have chosen Never Enough by Ivylies for my daily song. IvyLies are, as I see it, The next big thing in nz and I must admit, I am a bit of a crazed fan, but who can blame me? They're great.

As usual I will post a bit of background info on them so you can get to know them a bit more :P

"Throw together 4 girls, give them some guitars, a bass, a drum kit and a microphone and you’ve got New Zealand’s answer to the hottest all girl rock group… Look out as these girls are going places and they mean business!"

IvyLies are made up of Emla (vocals, guitar), Rosie (drums), Mihka (guitar, keyboard) and Lisa (bass, vocals). The band was formed in Christchurch by Lisa, Emla and Rosie when they were just 14. They then moved up to Auckland in 2008 and took on board Mihka.

“ADDICTED”, is their first single from their debut album and was featured in an ad on C4 (for all those of you from overseas C4 is a music channel, and how I discovered the girls, thank god for advertisements). They have just recently released there latest song "never enough" on iTunes and one of my faves.

IvyLies have had many concerts lately, including their performance Rollercoaster (skate and BMX comp) which I attended and was lucky enough to meet the beautiful Emla :D.

Well anyway enough about the band, I'm sure you guys wanna hear the song.

well here it is :D

(if you look closely you can see me in the audience :O)

Well I hope you enjoy. Heres the girls myspace & twitter incase you want it

XoX Shannon

P.s For those of you out there who are in NZ and want to see them you can buy tickets to their concet with Dane Rumble HERE

Friday, April 9, 2010


Ok so heres the deal, my mum is celebrating her blogs 1 year anniversary and to do so she is holding a competition back at her blog page. So if you wish to enter click HERE!!! BUT! There is a little twist thing. If you wish to enter twice you MUST and I repeat MUST. comment on this post :D so click here ... did you get that.... if not, click here



Well thanks for reading XOX

XoX Shannon <3

My daily song: Vicarious - Tool

Why hello there little pretties. I have a song for you guys. Todays song is vicarious by tool. Tool are one of my ll time favourite bands and possibly the most fun to play on guitar hero.... not all in a row though.... FINGER CRAMPS!! :(

So heres a bit of background info on the band.

Tool is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1990. Since their inception, the band's line-up has included drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, and vocalist Maynard James Keenan. Since 1995, Justin Chancellor has been the band's bassist, replacing their original bassist Paul D'Amour. Tool is known to have rigorous touring schedules in support of their albums, they have performed well on charts worldwide, and have sold an estimated 9.25 million records in the United States alone.

Tool emerged with a heavy metal sound on their first studio album Undertow in 1993, and later became a dominant act in the alternative metal movement with the release of their second effort, Ænima, in 1996. Their efforts to unify musical experimentation, visual arts, and a message of personal evolution continued with their third album, Lateralus, in 2001; and their most recent album, 10,000 Days, released in 2006, gained the band critical acclaim and success around the world.

Sorry it's a bit longer then usual, it's just all so interesting, and well I guess you don't have to read the whole thing. SO NO COMPLAINING!!! :D well I'm off to hang with my mate who I haven't seen for years :D Will blog later

enjoy your lives (and my post)

XoX Shannon >3

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My daily song - are you gonn be my girl - JET

Hey there! I have the daily song for you guys, and today that is Are You Gonna Be My Girl - JET. The reason I chose this song is because I have been obsessed with it lately after this really cute guy and my school preformed it with his band and school assembly and I sure as hell hope he's not going to read this. So here's a bit of background info about the band... JET that is.

Jet are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia made up of Cameron Muncey (lead guitar, backing vocals) , Mark Wilson ( bass guitar, keyboards,harmonica), and brothers Nic (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, Tambourine)and Chris Cester drums, percussion, backing vocals, guitar )

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon

Love you all :D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My daily song - White horse - taylor Swift

hey guys, I have todays song here. And that is White horse byt Talor Swift. I chose this song today because I can relate to this song and I have been through similar things. Warning, may make you cry.

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon <3

Friday, March 26, 2010

My daily song. Death death (devil devil devil devil evil evil evil evil song) - Voltaire

Hey again. I has a song for you. This song is utterly hilarious and never fails to make me laugh. Voltiare is one of my favourite artists EVER.

Voltaire (legal name Aurelio Voltaire Hernández) born January 25, 1967, in Havana, Cuba,is a Cuban-American musician popular in the goth scene. His stage name is his given middle name, which he shares with the famous French Enlightenment writer François-Marie Arouet.

Voltaire is also an experienced animation and comic artist, and is a professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Here is the video :o


Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon

Key Necklace from diva

HEY!!! Sorry it's been so long aye, getting into the habit of blogging daily again. Today I have a really cute necklace for you, but because of the silly diva website I can't steal a picture of it so instead I shall place a link to it..... um.... here :D. I used to have some earrings like this... or was it my mum, well either way they were really awesome because one of them was a key and one was a key hole. :D

Well anyway.. it's early :o Why I'm up so early.... I don't know. haha :P. I shall have more posts up later today <3

Thanks for reading


XoX Shannon

Monday, March 22, 2010

My latest music obsession

Heyyaa! I have a new obsession! I have become obsessed with the song "X amounts of words" By Blue October. See below.

Blue october is a band originally from Houston, Texas. The band was formed in 1995 and currently consists of (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jeremy Furstenfeld (drums, percussion), Ryan Delahoussaye (violin/viola, mandolin, piano, backing vocals), C.B. Hudson (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Noveskey (bass guitar, backing vocals).

According to wikipedia the bad focuses on the genres alternative rock, post-grunge, experimental rock and indie rock.

In total Blue October have created and released 7 albums, including foiled in 2006 and the live album argue with a tree in 2004.

If you wish to know more here is a link to the wikipedia article and a link to follow them on twitter if you wish to.

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon


An Update

Hey, you've probably been wondering where I have been these past few days... weeks... months? Well I have been busy doing school stuff :S Homework is gay, like seriously. Well I said this was an update, so prepare to be updated.... hmm... things that have happened in my life lately.... umm....

1 My bf and I broke up
2 Half my friends hate me for doing so
3 Have to preform a Beatles song in music :(
4 Played a game where I couldn't say "who, what, when, where, why, how, black, white, it or swear"
5 went ice skating with Lizzy and her new bf
6 had my feet killed
7 I have a crush on someone on the other side of the world :'(
8 overdosed on caffeine (not my fault people kept buying it for me)
9 had hypothermia
10 broke a rib
11 went to the mall :D

And that is all I can think of right now!


And I went to paramore!! The epicness of paramore! <3 And I saw elemenoP. For all those people who haven't heard of them, I shall put a video below *points* down there :D

Thanks for reading

Sorry it's been so long <3

XoX Shannon

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My daily song :DDDD

Heyyaa!! I has a songiess for you :D Is in a good mood today if you haven't guessed. For tome this year we haven't have any homework :DDD So yeah anyway song.... Today you will be listening (if you press play) to White Wedding by Billy Idol :D This song is one of my all time favourites and is my latest obsession :D

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, as I said first time this year I haven't had homework. So this weekend if I'm not busy I'll post a bit :D

I feel like playing a game. Lets play a game. I have a game. It is theee song game. Someone has to say a song and then the next person has to guess the band, if you manage to get the song you post the name of the band and the nest song in the comments section. For example

Me: Song: Believe

Person 1: Band: Breaking Benjamen
Song: 100%

Person 2: Band: angelspit

And so forth

So I will start by mentioning the first song, and that is: ..... Best of you.

Hope you enjoy. will post soon :D

And will have pics of new phone up :D

XoX Shannon :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily song

HEY!! I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm trying to get back into the blogging habbit! I have a life you know.... wait who am I kidding.... no I don't!! My sims do though.... I really need a life. Any way! Daily song.... wait lemme just think of one.... hmmm..... OH I know!! My fave song of the moment Master by Lamort. My best friend is in the band and he is super awesome :D ILY Reuben :P

(Reubens the one on keyboard, he's awesome huh)

Well anyway that is me for now.... will have more later

Right now, I'm off to play sims.... I NEED A LIFE!!

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon :DD

Saturday, February 13, 2010

100 (and 1) posts :D

woooooot!!!! My last post was my 100th post :D just thought was was exciting!!!! so to celebrate... I'm going to post some of my fave items from my last posts!!! :D But first.... The daily song :D

You all remember my post "dress to be different" don't you.... well thats one of my faves :DD

Heres some more :D



My new fave shoes! Jeffery Cambel Mel!!!! My very first post!! :D

Then of course I have to mention my sexy ass friends in "my friends - teen trends "

My fashion do's and don'ts

OMG! I'm an invader zim geek!!!

Something every girl needs

and you can't forget My weird dream

I think I might stop there or I might have my 100 fave posts.... what the point of that :S

XoX!!! thanks for reading and thanks for staying with me this long ::DD


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

!0 stupid things I've done lately

10: fallen off my chair
9: forgot to turn amp on and was wondering why there was no sound
8: dropped a chair on my foot
7: banged heads with like everyone
6: walked into walls
5: mad my Boyfriend look like a gay pirate
4: Forgot how to speak
3: Walked into the fan
2: Got my finger stuck in the fan
1: volunteered to do extra homework

XoX Shannon

..... Feel free to laugh at me

10 things A girl doesn't need

10: A push up bra.
9: A handbag dog
8: long nails
7: to be popular
6: Money. you can go bargain hunting!!! like mee!!
5: To show off/lie about yourself. people should like you for who you are
4: To be tall! I mean look at me... I'm 5ft and living... and I have a 6ft boyfriend... hehe that's funny
3: lots of nail polish.... but that doesn't stop me ;D
2: to fit it. Stand out stand out STAND OUT!!! :D
1: a boyfriend... come on girls. you don't need a man in your life!! You can survive with out a guy!! :D

XoX Shannon

P.s Follow my rules if you wish to live :D

LOL!!! Funny vid From my fave youtuber - Shane Dawson

Heyya! This vid made me giggle, and ther is nothing wrong with a bit of giggling :D Enjoy :D

Enjoyy!!!! :DD

XoX Shannon

My daily song!! Obsessed with angelspit? Why yes I am

Heya guysss!!!!! I has teh daily song foorrr yoooooou!!!! :D

Todat that isss........... *looks for good song* Grind by angelspit! ok yes I am obsessed!!!

Heres a vid done by Dollideath... remember her? well she rocks :D

Thanks for watching!! I'm off to check my stats now

Will post soon
Seeing as I have no life :S

XoX Shannon :D

Ten Things Every Girl Needs

10: A cell phone
9: something for bad hair days
8: a good moisturizer
7: Internet access
6: A favourite accessory
5: an item that means something to them eg. necklace from a friend/boyfriend
4: A hand bag big enough to fit all their crap ;D
3: A favourite pair of shoes
2: Clothes D: Duh!!
1: and this one is the most important.... Friendship :D

XoX Shannon

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

COLLECTIF Red & Black Poodle STELLA DOLL Halter Wiggle Dress

Heyyyaaa!!!! Haven't blogged anything clothingy lately so I had a cool dress for you today :D It's from tatty Devine boutique :D

Cute huh! This dress is $98.00 ouchies :S But I still wants :D

So thanks for reading

Hope you enjoyed!!

XoX Shannon

A tonne of cool songs

Heya, it's been ages!! Sorry about that haha. well anywhooo. Toady I have a whole heaps of cool songs for you :D and A suprise!! Oh and mabye some cool things :D

The first song is one I am currently lerning on bass :D

and that is...
Misguided ghosts by Paramore

I might put up a vid of me playing along singing to it if you like :D

Now we have A la mode a la mort... which translate to In Fashion To Death... Which my friend liz and I thought was quite odd because of their song "Fuck Fashion" I'll but that one up aswell :D

A la mode a la mort :D

Fuck fashion :D

The vids were made by one of my fave youtubers!! Her name is Dollideath, and my next song..... was written by her....

Love you Dollideath :D

Now I have a song by one of my fave artists :D Emilie Autumn :D

Juliet :D

Now for the daily song... Enough music for you yet? ;D

Here it is :D

And heres the suprise... as I promised!!

I'm writing a song!! thats all I can say... the rest is a suprise :D

going out now

will write later

XoX Shannon


Monday, January 25, 2010

Somethings I thought I would share

hey guys! It's been so long :S I just thought It would be cool to share a few things with you.

So first up I have all the vlogs I've done.
Be warned they are insane

I also Have a poem I wrote for my bf. It's not that great but I feel like sharing :D

The way your eyes sparkle
And The way they gleam
How your hair always looks perfect
With no effort what so ever


The way I'm always comfy in your arms
And never get sick of your company
How your always here for me
No matter what


The way you always know what I need
And how you are always pleasing
How you make life seem
So perfect



Whats so great about me
That makes you feel this way
That makes you put all aside
just to be with me

I assure you
There are others greater then I
But you choose to be with me
Thank you

My life would not be the same
If it weren't for you
You have helped me
Find who I am

If I make it big
Become rich and famous
I'll tell the world
You are to blame

SO if I ever leave you
Call me insane
'Cause I would be stupid
To let go of someone

As great as thou

I love you

And now I has the daily song.....

And that is....

Castle down - Emilie Autumn

Enjoy guys!!


Post again soon

XoX Shannon

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 songs for the day

Heyy!! I promised I would posyt today!! so I am :) I have 2 REALLY awesome songs today!! :D

first we have Emilie Autumn - Remember

and Second we have annihilation of the wicked by Nile!! :D

I won't be able to get the other stuff up today!! :( Injured and cant move much!! Will have it up as soon as I can :)

Loves yooous!!

Enjoy the music :D

XoX Shannon

So so so os so so so so so so sorry!!

well aren't I crap at keeping promises! I'll make it up to yous. Promise. (haha another promise) I promise I'll keep this one. And that one. And that one. And th... you get the picture. I have heaps of new stuff to post about. so I'll do that asap!! :) Anyways! I have the daily song for yoooooou!! :)

Infect- Angelspit (yes I'm obsessed)


Love yooous

XoX Shannon

Will post tomorrow (promise) :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My top 10 songs of the moment

hey guys, sorry it's been so long since I last posted! I've been "busy".... doing.... nothing >.> so to make up for my absesnces I will do my top 10 ........ of the moment (I will do one everyday with a different theme) Today I'm doing songs :D.
(remember these are in not particular order, just the order I find them in)

First at 1o we have under your spell. This song was on the singing episode of buffy, "Once more with feeling" and was sung by Tara! :D

at 9 there is Fireflies by Owl city ;D

Next at 8! Ingnorance by paramore! this is one of my all time faves at the moment!!

At 7 We have..... Cant bring myself to last this fuse by rockstart supernova (sorry its not a great vid. Only one I could find)

now its time for 6 :) We have Street fighter (war) By The Sick Puppies

(sings) 5!!! We now have Addicted by Ivy Lies!

Next up...4!! Swing life away - Rise against

3!! Kryptonite - 3 Doors down

2!!! Forever - Papa Roach

1!! Absolutly (Story of a girl) - nine days

Hope you enjoy!

Tell me if you like!

Will have shoes up tomorrow!


Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon