Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily song!

Hey hey hey!
Sorry I've not posted in a while, I've been terribly ill will a stupid virus thing *curses under breath* I'll try get a few extra things up today to make it up to you.

So I've started writing this with no idea what my daily song is going to be, so I'm going to go onto my iTunes and press next a few times and see what comes up....


Alright, we have a winner! Open Sky by The Distillers!

I really love The Distillers, and Brody Dale is a bloody legend in my books. I might have to make them my weekly band so I can go on some more about how awesome they are!
We'll see...

I actually discovered The Distillers playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (how cool am I?) but I never listened to anymore of their stuff until aimlessly flicking through videos on youtube, and then talking to a friend about them, who then let me borrow their three albums.

I think I will stop there before I start rambling on about nothing.

I will have to awesome things up for you later today, including a weekly band.

Thank you for reading
XoX Shannon

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily song! ( I think he might kill me for this D:)

Hey guys!
Today's song could possibly get me killed... But it's too amazing not to post up.
It's a cover of Sum 41's Fat Lip, by my boyfriend and his band. this is why I may be killed :P
You guys all have to comment and say how amazing it is, because he thinks it sucks, but they're all amazing :)

So yep... There's three of them, and they're in a band....

How about I introduce them properly? Ok? Yep...

The super sexy one on guitar is my boyfriend, Suhail, the other two not-so-sexy ones don't really matter.
I'm only kidding, the guy singing is Cody, and the guy on drums is Peter.

They're awesome right?

Thanks for reading!
Don't forget to post all your wonderful and lovely comments about the sexiness of the band :P
XoX Shannon