Sunday, July 26, 2009

my fashion do's and don'ts

hey guys! I'm really bored today! so I'm going to write lots of posts to keep me occupied he he. one thing that really annoys me, is people who try to fit in with the latest trend, even if it doesn't suit them, at all. why try fit in, when we all stand out. =) so anyways today i will tell you about my do's and don'ts of fashion.

do be yourself
don't buy something just because you saw your fave celeb wearing it.
do wear things that flatter your shape
don't but something coz your friend liked it
do be unique, ignore whats in the latest fashion mag, and wear what you want.
don't try to fit in.
do stand out.
don't stick to one style, try out different things, keep wowing your friends with your awesome outfits :P
do complement people if you like what their wearing. you never know, you might get one back.
dont have you G-string showing over your jeans. eww!
do splurge at the mall, there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy. trust me, it helps.
dont choose a fashion, let it choose you.
do try new things
dont wear shoes with lots and lots of tassles.

i have many more things but seriously, i cant be bothered listing them all. lolz

thanks for reading

xox, Shannon

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