Monday, June 14, 2010

Something Amazing!!

Heyyaaa!! It's been awhile since I last blogged, but I am here now so do not fear helpless readers of this I will come to your rescue. I have two very cool videos for you today. The first is this amazing video I found today. It is a violin cover of the song one! OMFG!! And the second is one of the best bands ever created... I believe I told you about them in an earlier post. Well here are the vids :) enjoy... Sorry about the helpless readers bit... got a bit carried away. XD

Turns out I can't actually get the vid on my blog so there's a like right here *points*

The second is here *points again*

Hope you enjoy!

Apparently the lead singer *Points* looks like the guy from wolf mother lolz!
Love you guys XD

Thanks for reading... and for staying with me and not getting bored with me during that period I didn't write anything.

XoX Shannon, Proud supporter of NZ music since 1995

P.s you can see me and Liz in the crowd at one point

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