Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My daily song - are you gonn be my girl - JET

Hey there! I have the daily song for you guys, and today that is Are You Gonna Be My Girl - JET. The reason I chose this song is because I have been obsessed with it lately after this really cute guy and my school preformed it with his band and school assembly and I sure as hell hope he's not going to read this. So here's a bit of background info about the band... JET that is.

Jet are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia made up of Cameron Muncey (lead guitar, backing vocals) , Mark Wilson ( bass guitar, keyboards,harmonica), and brothers Nic (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, Tambourine)and Chris Cester drums, percussion, backing vocals, guitar )

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon

Love you all :D

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