Monday, April 12, 2010

My daily song - Never enough - IvyLies

Hi there, Today I have chosen Never Enough by Ivylies for my daily song. IvyLies are, as I see it, The next big thing in nz and I must admit, I am a bit of a crazed fan, but who can blame me? They're great.

As usual I will post a bit of background info on them so you can get to know them a bit more :P

"Throw together 4 girls, give them some guitars, a bass, a drum kit and a microphone and you’ve got New Zealand’s answer to the hottest all girl rock group… Look out as these girls are going places and they mean business!"

IvyLies are made up of Emla (vocals, guitar), Rosie (drums), Mihka (guitar, keyboard) and Lisa (bass, vocals). The band was formed in Christchurch by Lisa, Emla and Rosie when they were just 14. They then moved up to Auckland in 2008 and took on board Mihka.

“ADDICTED”, is their first single from their debut album and was featured in an ad on C4 (for all those of you from overseas C4 is a music channel, and how I discovered the girls, thank god for advertisements). They have just recently released there latest song "never enough" on iTunes and one of my faves.

IvyLies have had many concerts lately, including their performance Rollercoaster (skate and BMX comp) which I attended and was lucky enough to meet the beautiful Emla :D.

Well anyway enough about the band, I'm sure you guys wanna hear the song.

well here it is :D

(if you look closely you can see me in the audience :O)

Well I hope you enjoy. Heres the girls myspace & twitter incase you want it

XoX Shannon

P.s For those of you out there who are in NZ and want to see them you can buy tickets to their concet with Dane Rumble HERE

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