Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Daily Song

Hi Again!

I have my daily song here, as promised in an earlier post.
Todays Song is My Cat by Jack Off Jill. That's right, you heard me, A band called Jack Off Jill singing a song called My Cat. Don't worry I didn't believe it at first either, I thought it was another one of my crazy dreams, but no this one is all to real... I think.
Here's the video, so you can listen to the song while you read about the origins of Jack Off Jill. (that sounded cooler than I thought it would)

I don't get the music video either XD.

I'm going to sound so lazy, But I have spent the past few days looking up information and copying it down in my own words, and I really can't bothered doing it again, so instead of that I'll give you a link to the wikipedia article. Sorry guys.

Hope you enjoyed the song!

Thnks for reading.

XoX Shannon

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