Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update Update Update!

Sorry it's been so long. Got so caught up with homework, School and my boyfriend that I forgot to blog. Sorry :( Well anyways... I have a few things to ask and tell. First off, would you guys like me to post some of my photography things? I thought about it the other night and wasn't sure if I should. Comment and tell me if you want me to. Also I have been writing this big paper for english, I was wondering if you guys would like to read it. It's on links between self harm and Body modification and stuff :) Also comment if you would like to see it. And last but not least, my mum suggested that I post a daily outfit. By that she means everyday I post what I;m wearing/the style I'm going for etc etc. Would you want to see that?

Ok, that is all the questions I have to ask for now.

I had a massive freak out the other night, I realised I hadn't told you about my trip to England and all the wonderful places I went! (the horror xD) So I have decided my next post will be all about England and Hong Kong, and I'll post some of my favourite picture. So if you're interested keep checking here and I'll have it up shortly.

I shall have more posts for you guys later today, including my trip to England and my daily song.
Looking forward to writing again.

Thank you for reading!

XoX Shannon :)

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