Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Announcement! (ooooh, excitement)

Oh hai thar!
So it's been a while (oops) Sorry about that. But I'm back! For now anyway. I've been caught up with school work and stuff and haven't really had time to come on (speaking of which... I should be doing homework now... Ahh, I'll get to it soon) Well I have a very important announcement to make today *shocked face* And that is!....
This blog..... Will no longer be.....
Fashion and music!
Instead I have decided to just write about music, as that is where my real passion is.

Yeah... That was it....
Sorry if you liked my fashion posts.... Here's something cool to cheer you up! ^__^ (If it works)

Well thanks for reading and sticking with me!
Much loves xx
Shannon <3

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