Monday, January 25, 2010

Somethings I thought I would share

hey guys! It's been so long :S I just thought It would be cool to share a few things with you.

So first up I have all the vlogs I've done.
Be warned they are insane

I also Have a poem I wrote for my bf. It's not that great but I feel like sharing :D

The way your eyes sparkle
And The way they gleam
How your hair always looks perfect
With no effort what so ever


The way I'm always comfy in your arms
And never get sick of your company
How your always here for me
No matter what


The way you always know what I need
And how you are always pleasing
How you make life seem
So perfect



Whats so great about me
That makes you feel this way
That makes you put all aside
just to be with me

I assure you
There are others greater then I
But you choose to be with me
Thank you

My life would not be the same
If it weren't for you
You have helped me
Find who I am

If I make it big
Become rich and famous
I'll tell the world
You are to blame

SO if I ever leave you
Call me insane
'Cause I would be stupid
To let go of someone

As great as thou

I love you

And now I has the daily song.....

And that is....

Castle down - Emilie Autumn

Enjoy guys!!


Post again soon

XoX Shannon

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