Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A tonne of cool songs

Heya, it's been ages!! Sorry about that haha. well anywhooo. Toady I have a whole heaps of cool songs for you :D and A suprise!! Oh and mabye some cool things :D

The first song is one I am currently lerning on bass :D

and that is...
Misguided ghosts by Paramore

I might put up a vid of me playing along singing to it if you like :D

Now we have A la mode a la mort... which translate to In Fashion To Death... Which my friend liz and I thought was quite odd because of their song "Fuck Fashion" I'll but that one up aswell :D

A la mode a la mort :D

Fuck fashion :D

The vids were made by one of my fave youtubers!! Her name is Dollideath, and my next song..... was written by her....

Love you Dollideath :D

Now I have a song by one of my fave artists :D Emilie Autumn :D

Juliet :D

Now for the daily song... Enough music for you yet? ;D

Here it is :D

And heres the suprise... as I promised!!

I'm writing a song!! thats all I can say... the rest is a suprise :D

going out now

will write later

XoX Shannon


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