Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 things A girl doesn't need

10: A push up bra.
9: A handbag dog
8: long nails
7: to be popular
6: Money. you can go bargain hunting!!! like mee!!
5: To show off/lie about yourself. people should like you for who you are
4: To be tall! I mean look at me... I'm 5ft and living... and I have a 6ft boyfriend... hehe that's funny
3: lots of nail polish.... but that doesn't stop me ;D
2: to fit it. Stand out stand out STAND OUT!!! :D
1: a boyfriend... come on girls. you don't need a man in your life!! You can survive with out a guy!! :D

XoX Shannon

P.s Follow my rules if you wish to live :D

1 comment:

  1. I will continue to argue point 8... I've had mega talons since I was 12... now I can't even open a can of coke when i have nubbins.
    Also, #3 - LIIIIEEESSSS!

    (there's waffle in em!)