Saturday, February 27, 2010

My daily song :DDDD

Heyyaa!! I has a songiess for you :D Is in a good mood today if you haven't guessed. For tome this year we haven't have any homework :DDD So yeah anyway song.... Today you will be listening (if you press play) to White Wedding by Billy Idol :D This song is one of my all time favourites and is my latest obsession :D

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, as I said first time this year I haven't had homework. So this weekend if I'm not busy I'll post a bit :D

I feel like playing a game. Lets play a game. I have a game. It is theee song game. Someone has to say a song and then the next person has to guess the band, if you manage to get the song you post the name of the band and the nest song in the comments section. For example

Me: Song: Believe

Person 1: Band: Breaking Benjamen
Song: 100%

Person 2: Band: angelspit

And so forth

So I will start by mentioning the first song, and that is: ..... Best of you.

Hope you enjoy. will post soon :D

And will have pics of new phone up :D

XoX Shannon :D