Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~Twitter Requested!~ What an interesting start to the day.. o.o

Hey hey hey!
So I had a very interesting series of tweets this morning, and people have requested that I blog about it. I will post my tweets and peoples replies at the end.

So here goes :D

After sleeping most of yesterday, I didn't get to sleep till late last night, but when I got there eventually. I had woken up earlyish, just as my dad came in to wake me up, he had knocked on the door like he always days before coming in, but when he tried to come in the door wouldn't open, so he told me to try it from my side... This didn't work, we spent ages trying to open it. We tried banging on it, forcing the handle down, even eftpos cards, but nothing worked, so my someone suggested unscrewing the handle, but the screws were on my side of the door. So dad went outside and knocked on my window, first he knocked on the one near my bunks, I pulled the curtain back and he told me to unlock it, and being the dark-dwelling goth girl that I am, I had never actually opened my curtains, so I'd never seen the windows, therefore I had no idea how to open them, so dad pointed to a latch in about the middle of the window, I went to reach up, but because my beds were bunks, and the fact that I don't have double jointed elbows, I couldn't reach, so dad went round to the other window. I opened one window and he passed in his tools, I wasn't going to attempt to fix it, I'd just break it more. So dad tried to pull himself up, but the window was too thin and there was a bar in the way, this was preventing the window from opening too far. I opened the second window so there was more room, but dad still couldn't get in. He disappeared for around a minute then came back with a big blue chilly bin and placed it in front of the window. He then stood on it and tried to pull himself up, but the bars with still in the way, so he asked me to pass him his tools, and he tried to dismantle my window. Unfortunately this could not be done, and dad decided that he needed something more to stand on, he told this to my brother and grandparents who went round the back of the house and came back with a milk crate, with the stood up on top of the chilly bin. Granda then held the them both steady as dad tried to climb in, he got stuck twice before making his way in. Once he had gotten in he turned to me and said "Now, you don't need to do anything, like need to pee, do you?" I nodded. I decided to climb out the window, if I didn't I might have popped, this, would not be good. I stood on my little bed side table thing and looked down at the very unsteady looking milk crate and chilly bin, I decided it would be safer to jump. So I slowly climbed out, I turned my self around and tried to get a steady footing so I could climb down the wall, but because it had been wet, and I had bare feet, this was practically impossible, so I ended up clumsily sliding down the wall in the least elegant way possible... Slightly embarrassing, just hope the neighbors didn't see it. I banged my knees a few times, bent my toe the wrong way, smacked my elbow, and hurt my wrist, but other than that, I made it down ok... >.> I then walked through the house and too the bathroom while everyone tried to fix my door. I came back to find that they had removed the door knob, but the door still refused to budge, we tried to push it open, and fiddled with the bits inside the lock, but nothing worked, so we tried to take the pins out, this is when I ditched for a bit and watched videos on youtube with my brother. I want back to see everyone crowding around the door, each trying to pry it open. Turns out The door frame was too tight and the door would not move. I then went away again and stared aimlessly into the fridge to try and find something to eat... There was nothing to my liking though. I then walked back up the hall to see my dad with the door in his arms, he began to push it back into place and put the pins back, I walked back down to the lounge and watched more videos with Owen. Dad then came down and told me that the door was back on but I had no knob. I went up to my room to get changed. I looked worriedly through the gapping hole in my door. I picked up a plastic bag off the floor and shoved it through the hole and got dressed.

Well, yeah, that's what happened, here are the tweets I posted :D

I'm currently locked in my room. Dad is dismantling my windows to try and get in to fix the door. Fml. XD
So i've just climbed out my window, i know have some bruises on my legs and arms, but atleast i know how to get out in a fire. O.o
I have the worst luck with doors, this is the third house in a row that i've been locked in xD
So they've taken all the pin thingies out, turns out the door frame is too tight, and the can't push the door out. I just want my clothes ...
Shannon Russell
WOO! the door is now off! Now i can get changed! Wait... I have no door D:

And here's what other people said:

Apparently 15YO's bedroom door at her dad's jammed and she had to climb out her window. So now she knows how to escape in a fire.
ROFLMFAO, she's just texted to say that now her dad is locked in her room. I am peeing myself laughing here! :D
@ LMAO that happened to me at my inlaws OMG in the BATHROOM
@ It keeps happening to 15YO. That girl is slapstick comedy in boots, I swear!
@ LOL she should blog her mishaps.
@ She does have her own blog, she should totally document this stuff on it!
@ So @ says you need to blog your mishaps!
@ @ i was thinking of doing that :p
@ @ LOL
It's better than having to climb out the window! -->RT @: WOO! the door is now off! Now i can get changed! Wait... I have no door D:

And a final one from me with replies from mother

Ok, i now have my door back... But no knob... I'm going to get changed now, and hopefully not get locked in again. XD
@ You don't have a knob? *snigger* That's because you're a girl. :P

So that's about it... Try not to laugh too hard
Write later
XoX Shannon


  1. I'm still laughing! Not only am I probably a Bad Mother for laughing at you, bad I am an Even Badder Ex-Wife because as laughed doubly hard at the bit where your dad got himself locked in. *chortle*

  2. Oh look, I made a spelling mistake in my comment. But, not bad. *sigh* And I'm always pulling you up for your spelling. ARGH!

  3. Oh crap. Crappity crap crap. I made TWO spelling mistakes. AAAAAARGHHHH!