Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Having A Rant!

Well hi there,

I am posting another blog about how society is unfair and cruel. You don't have do read if you don't want to. But I might have some music at the bottom relating to it, so you might want to.

I am so sick of how society instills this image of perfection onto us. Everywhere you look, there is some beautiful woman who every body wants to be like, or be with. But she's been so heavily made up and photo shopped she shouldn't be clasped as human anymore... And sex... Everywhere there is sex, and not enough is being done to educate about it, and young girls are going out, getting drunk and winding up pregnant, or even dead, and just because their friend said to or because the felt like they'd be left behind by their friends and society if they didn't.And things like smoking and drugs... People don't smoke because one day they woke up and decided they wanted to... They do it because a friend said to, because everyone else was doing it.Celebrities are out there and getting wasted... No one wants to help them, because it makes for good news... And all over the world there a people watching their idols lives fall apart, and people deciding to follow in their foot steps. The media makes this shit look glamorous, but it's not. It's horrible. But it's becoming normal. It's becoming part of daily life. And i can guarantee, each day, you'll hear about drugs, alcohol, suicide or other such things at least once a day. And people are defiantly slacking when it comes to suicide and self harm. "oh, she's cut herself. What an attention whore. She's fucked in the head. Let's tease her". It's either that or people just completely ignore it. I know of parents who's kids have cut, and they've just ignored it, thinking it's just a phase... And they there's the parents who decide it is a good idea to punish their kid for doing that. Taking away the things that make them happy. Punishing the kid for punishing them self. Not enough people understand. Practically no one makes and effort to try and understand.That's another thing I wish they would educate more about. Mental disorders and things like that. People are so intolerant to people with disorders and illnesses. We're not aliens. We're human too. But because every one has been so slack, people don't seem to understand that. I've heard people say that there, no such thing as depression... It's just a state of mind or the person over reacting. I know of people who have opened up to someone and told them they had depression and the person has just told them to get over it. Intolerant animals! Not only this, but people are so stereotypical and racist. Again, it's a not understanding thing. If you were part of a sub culture, like goth or geek or something, people will come up with all these stereotypical theories, like all goths hate living and want to die, and every geek is a virgin who lives in his mums basement. And it's the same with race. All Irish are crazy drunks, everyone from Scotland wears kilts and plays bag pipes, all Italians like pizza, all Americans are either obese or anorexic. Some one's skin is darker that yours, so they must be inferior to you. OK, so some of this may be true for certain people, but not for entire races. You may meet a fat American, someone from Scotland who plays bagpipes, someone from Mexico who LOVES tacos. But not everyone from that race will be the same and there is no need to generalise. Where someone is from or the colour of there skin IS NOT means to judge someone by. And then there is sexism. Oh my god people, we're all human, and sure generally speaking, men may be stronger, and women better cooks, But I've had some pretty weak boy friends and met some men who are far better cooks than many women I have known. We are all human, and we all have different strengths. Women are not inferior to men because of their sex, if a certain woman was inferior to a certain man, it would not be because one has a penis and one doesn't. It would be because of other things completely unrelated to gender. The man might be really kind and generous and supports lots of different charities, and the woman might be some horrible mas murderer who kills Innocent ponies just because she can. Nothing to do with gender. And to all of you out there who think someone who is feminist thinks that all men are inferior and women are far better, please actually do some research into it. Feminism is a fight for gender equality. Humans are so not the superior species. We are far from it.

Well I think that's all I have to say for now. Sorry if anything I have said has offended you in anyway, or if you think my use of words was inappropriate. This is all just my opinion and if you disagree, that is fair, you are allowed. And please, keep the comments section looking nice.

Now some music and stuff that relates to this stuff :)

Ok that's all I can think of for now.

Thank you all so much for reading.
XoX, Shannon <3


  1. You go girl - keep believing in yourself and expressing your opinions. The world needs more people who aren't afraid to do that. xx

  2. This rant needs more comments..