Wednesday, October 14, 2009

something my Lizzy would like. and my fave blogs

hey! i just found the cutest dress from the vintage doctor. i really think my mate Lizzy will like it! she is obsessed with pacman :P i really like this :P tee hee. this dress is $175 which isnt too bad i guess. HEY! while i think of it, i might as well mention my fave blogs, seeing as Lizzy is included.

ha ha

1. Painted Tips written by Allya
2. aniiita_s2 written by Anita Chow (I entered her comp lolz)
3. Pretty Clever written by my mum Selina
4. [OhSoGorgeous]™ written by my friend/ sister Lizzy. (she hasnt posted in awhile)
these arent in any particular order lolz

thnaks for reading

XoX Shannon

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