Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spiral Skull-Finity Dress from the vintage doctor!

hey guys! I am totally obsessed with the vintage doctor, but its hard not to be, i mean have you seen their stuff. if i had lots and lots of money, i would buy everything they do. but i don't :( so i cant :( now i am in love with skulls, like seriously. and then i found this dress, and i'm like OMG!! WANTS!! then i saw the price.... *sob sob* its not the most expensive of their stuff, but it aint cheap! i didnt manage to get any pics of the dress, but there is the patern! cute huh!. this one is priced at $159.99 :( WHYEE SOO EXPENSIVE!!?? WHYEEE??!!

thanks for reading

xox, Shannon

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  1. Obsessed much? Gosh I wonder who you take after, possibly your obsessive mother?

    Love Mum

    PS: Maybe ask Santa ... ?