Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Daily Song

Hey guys! Today my song is Remedy by Little boots. Well actually it was supposed to be yesterdays song but I feel asleep in the middle of the post, went to bed and woke up 15 hours later wondering where my arms had gone. (awkward story that one). Will tell you more about that later :P. Anyways back to the song of the day. I choose this song 'cause it's different and really cool AND because the artist is awesome 'cause she has shoes in her name :D. There are on going arguments on YouTube how her music and fashion bares resemblance to that of Lady Gaga. I can see where their coming from but I myself do not agree. So here's a vid for you guys. Tell me in the comments what you think Lady gaga sheep or not.

Thanks for reading and watching

Hope you enjoy, can't wait to see what you think

XoX Shannon

1 comment:

  1. I'd certainly rather look at her than Lady Gaga. She's got a nice voice too.