Sunday, December 20, 2009


HEYY!!! I'm like so happy :) Recently went to green day! and OMG! I shall have some pics an vids up for you guys soon! Feel happy! and sorry I haven't posted in a while!! Been a busy bubble!! oOh and your probably wondering about the title! I LOVE BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!! hehe! he was EPIC live! the gig was great, and so funny! the did a cover of highway to hell by AC/DC! and at the start the was a drunk bunnie! It was LOL I might as well mention my song of the day! And just for the hell of it, it's going to be green day! I would put up one of the live vids, but i don't have my phone cable here so I'll do that tomorrow! The song I have chosen today was one of my favourites live! and that is... AMERICAN IDIOT!!!!

Well Enjoy!!!


Thanks for reading!! I'll have the vids up tomorrow!!

XoX Shannon

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