Monday, December 28, 2009

My daily song + a fun game

Hey guys! I'm trying to make up for not blogging in a bit :P Well anyways today I have a game for yooousss! but first I have the daily song!! YAY!! today it is *drumroll*......... Fences by Paramore!!

Heres the vid :)

And now for the game!! I'm not sure what its called, but its fun :) Basically what happens is I will start the story off (coz its a story) then you guys will continue in the comments section!! How to play: I will start off the story, then you shall continue but you may only use to sentences and you can not comment twice in a row. so lets play (oh please keep it pg)

many many years ago on a far away planet named Fashonista and on this planet lived a girl who went by the name of Strawberry. Strawberry had little fashion sense and was often pulled over by the fashion police....

Please continue!!

Thanks for reading watching and playing

Post again soon!! :D

XoX Shannon

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