Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey Hey Helloooooo!!! I is back from my holidays! It was pretty good aside from the fact I discovered I have really bad hay fever and I also threw up six times hours before getting on a plane!! yeah not fun :( well anyways I'm sure you didn't come here to here about my life story so I shall get on with it. And sorry I haven't posted in a while, I actually have a life! I found it in my underwear draw! so yeah, lately I have been to a wedding!! which was so cool! I love weddings, can't wait to get married. And the bride looked AMAZING!! It was held at THE most beautiful place ever! and the hotel where we stayed!! truly beautiful. I felt so grand and like rich haha!! We were right on the beautiful beach and I took many photos on my phone! here's a few...

I also got the sunset on the beach :) (and you can see the surfers in some of the pics, Some of the were REALLY cute :P)

And of course we cant forget our awesome as sand castle!
Ok so its not that good. We found an old McDonald's cup and filled it with sand! Twas epic fun :P

I also have a vlog for you guys!! hehe And the daily song. See below..

(Please enter!!)

Unfortunately I can't actually get the video off youtube :( tear! but I can link joo! the song today is Memories, By Within Temptation

Well I hope you guys enjoyed reading! hope it wasn't to long and boring, but if it was then you probably wouldn't be reading this haha..

well anywho thanks for reading!

XoX Shannon!!

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