Monday, December 28, 2009

What I found in my Christamas stocking!

Hey guys, thought I'd try a new thing today! I came up with this yesterday but forgot to do anything about it, so I shall today! Whats going to happen is, I'm going to tell some things I got for Christmas then I'm going to pick 4 stocking off the wall, these will be the stockings of other bloggers, they then have to tell you what they got, and it shall continue on like that. Sound cool?

well here I go :P

For Christmas I got:
A laptop :P
Sims 3
A nail spa treatment thing that smells so Divine!!
A snorkel and mask
Lots and lots of lollies and chocolates
Awesome as clothes!! :)
and I few other thing

So now I pick Allya at Painted Tips
Mum at Pretty Clever
Brittany at Brittaneee's Brilliant Blog
and Lizzy at [OhSoGorgeous]™

thanks for reading!!

XoX Shannon

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