Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Rose Necklace From Cherry Red

Hey there! I have officially decided I need a life, it seems I spend my whole life either on Face book or blogging. But at least some good things come out of the blogging. Well actually right now I should be studying for exams, but Oh well, will do that soon. Well anyway here's what I found. While browsing the cherry red website I stumbled across this necklace, and you guys know what I'm like, I love those dark kinda cute things :) well I have decided this necklace is so me :) this is currently priced at $10.00 which isn't too bad :) I wants. Please please please mummy :P

Thanks for reading guys :)

XoX Shannon


  1. Would have been cute in pink;)

  2. That is quite lovely. I tell you what, if you do well in your exams (and promise to let me borrow it) I might just buy it for you. Now go do some study young lady!

    Love Mum xoxo