Tuesday, November 3, 2009

little accsessories from unique vintage

hello! i have chossen 5 little accsessories from the unique vintage site, and i am going to write about them :) this is what happens when im off school sick, and have nothing to do! lolz. fist up we have ...Shemergency Survival Kit
heres what it said on the site about it... :P

What are shemergencies? They're the beauty blunders, fashion faux pas, and personal care predicaments that keep women from looking and feeling their best. Say so long to minor mishaps with the Shemergency Survival Kit, from Ms. & Mrs. This portable, silver mesh case comes packed with 24 compact solutions for life's little emergencies. From daytime to playtime, the Shemergency Survival Kit is first-aid for gals on-the-go.

This kit includes:

Folding hair brush with mirror, hair spray, clear elastics, earring backs, hand lotion, nail clipper, emery board, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, mending kit, safety pin, double-sided tape, lint remover, shoe shine wipes, stain remover, static remover, breath freshener, lip balm, dental floss, pain reliever, deodorant wipes, tampon, adhesive bandages, facial tissues.

now how handy would that be to have with you.

second we have Skull and Crossbone Fingerless Gloves which i thank are really cute :) i wants somes :) hehe. if you havent already guessed, i love skull prints :P...

NEXT!! we have Leg Avenue Tattoo Print Nylonsarent they adorable hehe i wants some, wouldnt it be so cool to have tatoos that you could put on whenever you want :P that would be pretty coool :P

and now we have....... Silver Metal Hinged Enamel Fish Pendant Necklacecute huh :P i think its really adorable i wants one :) i likes teh fishay :)

and last but not least Lucky Loo Loo Throwback Jewelry White Oval Studs with Black Rosescute aye :) i wants wants wants, unfortunatly i dont have my ears peirced (:o). heres a bit of what it said on the site:
. Sophisticated and edgy, Lucky LooLoo designs are influenced by art deco architecture, modernist sculpture, vintage anatomical drawings, old school punk rock and 40's starlet elegance.

so thanks for reading

XoX Shannon :)

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  1. Love them all - the Shemergency kit needs a sonic screwdriver though. Cos, you know, Doctor Who has one! Those tattoo tights are amazing.

    I've been offering to take you out to get your ears pierced for ages - Let's Do It!