Monday, November 16, 2009

My weekly 5

Heya! This is a new bit on my blog - each week I will post about five of my favorite items from different brands/sites. This week I have chosen five items from Tatty Devine boutique.

First up we have.... Every Type Of Tear Necklace:

This neckless is currently £250.00 (ouch :( ) and is soo beautiful. If you look closely at each tear drop, each one says something different. Here's what it said on the site...

A story about relationships, told through tears dripping from a necklace. Materials acrylic with Swarovski crystals and a sterling silver chain, handmade in our London studio. Includes certificate of authenticity. Eye 9.5cm x 4cm, chain adjustable from 38cm to 45cm, tears fall to 19cm. Please note limited editions are made to order so please allow 10 working days for dispatch. This limited edition jewellery is incorporated into beautiful paper cuts in an exhibition of Rob Ryan's work at our Brick Lane shops.

Secondly we have 3-D Glasses Necklace.

This necklace is currently £42.00. Here's some facts and things about them...

Enter the third dimension! Our full-sized 3-D glasses have translucent red and green lenses to catch the light, and best of all, they really work - try the internet for 3-D pictures and movies, or hit the cinema in style. Materials acrylic and metal alloy. Glasses 12cm across, chain 60cm.

Next we have... Crisp Necklace:

Doesn't it look yummy :) - this is currently £18.00 which is pretty cheap compared to their other stuff. And as always I will mention what it says about it on the site :) So here it is:

We love crisps so we made our own for the food-tastic A/W04 collection. This ruffled potato crisp looks good enough to eat (but don't - it's plastic). No added salt, but all the good taste you'd expect from Tatty Devine. Materials plastic and metal alloy. Crisp 5cm, chain 60cm.

Well thats 3... So heres 4...

This is priced at £58.00... I really don't post about the cheap ones do I? Heres some more about it:

Play keepy-uppy with this clever pendant. The mini ping pong paddle is reversible - red on one side, blue on the other - just like the real thing, and a white bead on a chain completes the look (and the fun!). The wooden paddle includes a realistic tactile surface. Fun and sporty - wear with twenties tennis whites, a mod minidress or eighties sweats! Materials spruce wood bat with a formica surface, and a plastic bead ball, all with a metal alloy chain. Paddle 5.5cm x 9.5cm, chain 80cm.

It's reversible!

Last but not least we have.... Trapeze Glitter Necklace from their new Christmas collection.

This necklace is £45.00 and so so so so pretty :) I wants one :) And here's what it says....

Our classic Trapeze Necklace gets a party makeover in glittering black! These beautiful silhouettes of a pair of acrobats in mid-flight, about to grasp hands, look extra special in sparkly glitter. A chic nod to the circus. Acrylic and metal alloy. Couple 17cm across, chain 34cm.

So there you go :) Thankies for reading

XoX Shannon :)

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