Friday, November 27, 2009

I Want To Make A Difference!

Hey! How wrong is it that celebs get let off easy with all these crimes? It's NOT RIGHT! They did the crime, so they should do the time. I mean look at Rhianna, the poor thing was beaten up so much, and what does Chris get? a few days community service. Originally he was supposed to get 5 years, COME ON! that isn't even enough! most people would get what, life? The neighbors could hear her screams from the car! And Chris Brown isn't the only one, remember Paris Hilton? Caught violating her probation for a drink-driving conviction and got 45 days in prison. I read about that recently on the Internet and well I think it's silly and pathetic. There Have been many other cases like these ones involving celebs and I think it's just plain wrong. Underneath all the fame and fortune they are just normal people, and should be treated that way, not only by fans, but by the law as well. If you agree with me, leave a comment with you name and if you want blog about this as well. I am starting a petition I want to stop this favouritism so please go out tell all your friends, spread the word about this post.

thanks for reading.

Please post a comment with your opinion.

XoX Shannon


  1. ermm...

    how do you sign on a computer?


    yes i agree.
    nom nom nom

  2. Yhus i completely agree

    =) Nice One Shannon


  3. dont yhu have to be old enouff to vote???

    but yea thats TRUE....

    but wat do yhu want to happen ? get them in prison???

    :) :) :) - LAUREN