Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Weekly 5 From Cherry Red

Hey guys, its time for my weekly 5. this week i have chosen 5 items for cherry red. First up we have Skulls on hot pink bag this bag currently costs $24.00 and is totally cute :)

Next we have puffed heart necklace
This is $8.00. I'm really loving these guys right now, the have THE best prices. I might have to visit sometime :)

3rd up for today is Tank shooting heart bag
This bag is $24.00. At the moment I seem to be slightly obsessed with military weaponry. Recently I have seen tops with guns on them and I fell in love. But it was a pretty awesome top.

Now we have Aqua Kissing birds necklace
How sweet is this. You can't get much cuter then 2 birds kissing :) although they aren't real. Doesn't stop it from being cute. This is currently $10.00. I wantz :)

And last but not least we have Pink rhino studs

Aren't the so so so so cute :) I wants these, but still I face the same problem, I have no holes in my ears to put them in. In other words, I don't have my ears pierced. These are priced at $4.00. How sweet is that? I would get my ears pierced just so I could get these. Well actually, maybe not.

Thanks for reading

XoX Shannon :)

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  1. I love Cherry Red SO much. If you let me take you to get your ears pierced I'll buy you the rhino studs :-)

    Love Mum xoxox