Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Daily Song

Hey guys! I have been getting heaps of cool ideas recently :) Well as you've probably guessed that this is a new bit... coz well yeah it is. Everyday I shall write about my song of the day with a link to the youtube video. Todays song is 100% by angelspit. Angelspit are an austrailian band, they have 4 albums out and are soon releasing another, the band is made up of Destroyx and ZooG. Their music genre is cybergoth, which is totally AWESOME.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy the song

XoX Shannon


  1. They're pretty cool, I likey!

    Mum xox

  2. Cool Froggiee ....

    Laurie -ori -ori -ori -ori -ori

    Like nailes...